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Skinny Brazilian Butt Lift

Rounded buttocks are a desirable asset for a curvy figure. The Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL is a popular body contouring option to achieve two body shaping objectives at once – slim the abdomen or thighs with liposuction and then transfer the fat to the buttocks. While this is desirable for women with a body mass index (BMI) of 25 or higher, thinner women with a BMI under 25 may not have the excess fat to remove. Dr. Aviva Preminger is a highly skilled plastic surgeon who offers a specialized Skinny Brazilian Butt Lift procedure through her practice in Manhattan.

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a two-step procedure. First, liposuction is performed to harvest fat. For those with excess fat in their thighs or abdomen, this can slim these areas while providing the fat needed for transfer. The harvested fat is filtered and purified, then it is injected into the upper buttocks to create a rounded, lifted appearance.

What Is Skinny BBL Surgery?

The Skinny BBL uses the same procedure, but it can be more challenging. Instead of removing fat from only the stomach or thighs, Dr. Preminger may need to find other areas to perform liposuction. Small amounts of fat can be removed from multiple areas such as the arms, legs, abdomen and chin – anywhere there is enough fat to remove. Once enough fat is harvested, it is purified and transferred to the buttocks to create the desired effect.

While a Skinny BBL surgery is more challenging, women with a lower BMI can still enjoy the benefits of fat transfer to lift and enhance the buttocks. Women with smaller frames and lower BMI may have less fat to harvest, but they also need less fat to create a rounded backside. Dr. Preminger is a liposuction and body contouring specialist that can create gorgeous results for our petite, thin and small-framed patients who desire a BBL surgery.

To learn more about the Skinny Brazilian Butt Lift and whether you may be a good candidate, contact the office of Aviva Preminger, M.D. on the upper east side of NYC to schedule your Skinny BBL consultation.

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