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Chin Augmentation

Enhance the shape and prominence of your chin to achieve optimal balance of facial contours.

Want to learn more about chin implants? Start by asking Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. Preminger.

Chin implants in NYC

Chin augmentation, also known as mentoplasty, is an increasingly popular facial cosmetic surgery procedure designed to accentuate the jaw line and bring aesthetic congruence to the patient’s face. A chin augmentation procedure can help the neck area look leaner and eliminate the look of jowls or the misleading appearance of “flab” around the jaw.

If you are considering a chin implant, New York City plastic surgeon Aviva Preminger, M.D. can help you achieve a more balanced look – all from the comfort and convenience of her Park Avenue office.

Quick Facts

Procedure Length

1-3 hours depending on the location of the incision and whether bone re-arrangement is necessary


Local or general, depends on extent

In/Out Patient



Infection, unevenness, loss of feeling in gums or teeth

Side Effects

Numbness, temporary swelling, bruising, and some pain


Resume normal activity within 10 days
Swelling reduced in 3-4 weeks
Totally healed in 3-4 months

Duration of Results


Preparing for chin implant surgery

At your initial chin augmentation consultation, you will meet with Dr. Preminger in a confidential, comforting setting – as we understand the apprehension that often accompanies an elective cosmetic procedure. During your discussion, Dr. Preminger will help determine the look you would like to achieve, as well as gather important information about your medical history. From there, a candid discussion about the risk factors will take place.

Chin augmentation surgery poses a minimal risk of bruising, shifting or movement of the implant, swelling, irregular skin contours, numbness, or damage to the teeth. While the vast majority of patients who receive a chin implant report satisfaction with the procedure, it is possible that the initial augmentation may not result in the patient’s ideal look – prompting the need for further surgery.


The invasiveness of a chin augmentation procedure depends upon the extent of work Dr. Preminger must perform in order to achieve the optimal, expected result. For some patients, an implantation is all that is required to round out the chin and jawline. For others, it may be necessary to reposition bones prior to inserting the chin implant – which will require a longer procedure and heavier sedation.

In the former, less extensive procedure, Dr. Preminger will likely place the patient under general anesthesia prior to making an incision either inside the patient’s mouth or along the patient’s upper chin area. From there, a “pocket” is created in front of the chin bone and the implant is placed.

Chin implants are made out of silicon, Teflon, Dacron, or actual bone – and the device is attached to the bone with either sutures or screws. Lastly, the incision is sutured shut.

If the procedure will require a repositioning of the patient’s bone, Dr. Preminger will order general anesthesia prior to making an incision inside the mouth along the bottom gum line. A bone saw or chisel is then used to make a cut through the jaw bone itself, which is then repositioned and screwed in place. This procedure takes between one and three hours, and does not result in any visible scarring.

Recovery from chin augmentation

Upon awakening from a chin augmentation procedure, you can expect to find a dressing on the incision and implantation area, which will remain for two to three days post-operative. Chin augmentation patients will experience tenderness, discomfort and pain following the procedure, which may be controlled through the use of pain medication.

Chewing may be difficult in the hours and days immediately following surgery, and Dr. Preminger will likely prescribe a soft or liquid diet.

Patients may also feel as if their skin area around the chin is stretched and tight – a feeling which generally subsides after 7-10 days. Patients should expect swelling to subside completely after six weeks; however normal activity and work may be resumed after approximately 10 days. Patients may also be required to wear a brace while sleeping for up to six weeks post-surgery.

"Surprising to many, chin implants are among the most popular plastic surgery procedures. So many people really struggle with their appearance in this area, and it's actually quite simple to give them the facial balance they never thought they could have."
B. Aviva Preminger, MD

Life-long results for chin implant surgery

Scarring following a chin augmentation is generally minimal, especially if the incision was made through the gum line. Once an implant is in place, it generally does not need to be “updated” or replaced. However, chin implants derived from bone or fat tissue may eventually be reabsorbed by the body, possibly requiring a revision. The final appearance of the chin augmentation should be visible within 3-4 months after the surgery.

Chin Augmentation in NYC

If you are considering a chin implant and would like to learn more about the process, please contact Manhattan’s preeminent source for thorough, comprehensive cosmetic procedures: Dr. Aviva Preminger. You can reach her NYC office by calling 212-706-2100 or contacting us online today.

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