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Capsular Contracture After Breast Implants Treatment

Scar tissue formation is part of the healing process after any major surgery, including breast implant plastic surgery. With breast implants especially, the body reacts by creating a scar tissue capsule around the implant, which is the body’s way of protecting itself from a foreign object. In some cases, this capsule of scar tissue can become tight and contract, causing discomfort or disfigurement of the breasts. This condition is called capsular contracture, a possible complication of breast implant augmentation procedures.

Dr. Aviva Preminger is one of the top plastic surgeons in Manhattan and a breast implant specialist. She has expertise in performing all types of breast plastic and reconstruction surgeries, including offering capsular contracture after breast implants treatment. If you have symptoms of capsular contracture, Dr. Preminger can offer solutions to relieve any discomfort or disfigurement caused by this condition at her practice in NYC.

Signs of Capsular Contracture

The exact cause of capsular contracture is not known. This complication can occur with all types of breast implants, and it is not necessarily preventable. There are preventive measures that can be used to reduce the chance of capsular contracture, like massage after breast implant surgery, use of antibiotics and certain surgical techniques. However, even with the best plastic surgeon and preventive measures, a small percentage of patients can still experience this complication. Signs of capsular contracture include:

  • Hardening of the breasts
  • Rippling or distortion of the breast tissue
  • Pain in the breasts
  • Breasts look smaller or higher than before

Only about 5% of all patients with breast implants will experience capsular contracture, and it usually occurs in the first two years after breast augmentation surgery. Some patients may experience this condition later in life if a breast implant ruptures.

If you have signs of capsular contracture, it is important to seek treatment early to determine the best options. A capsulectomy may need to be performed to remove the scar tissue and implant, but not everyone requires this procedure. To learn more about capsular contracture after breast implants treatment, contact our office in Manhattan to schedule a consultation with Dr. Preminger.

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