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Nasal Fracture Repair Surgery

Since the nose protrudes from the face, it is the most common feature to be injured. Falls, vehicle wrecks, sports injuries and other accidents can result in impact to the nose, resulting in a nasal fracture. There is a short nasal bone at the top of the nasal bridge that can be broken, but it is often accompanied by damage to the nasal cartilage and septum. To restore the form and function of a broken nose, cosmetic facial surgery may be required. Dr. Aviva Preminger can perform nasal fracture repair surgery for broken noses through her practice in NYC.

Nasal fractures are common, and not all require surgery for repair. If the broken nasal bones can be aligned through closed reduction, the nose can heal without surgery. Unfortunately, many patients have their broken nose repaired at an emergency room or their doctor’s office. The bone may be realigned, but if there is other damage, the nose can heal with a deviated septum or a crooked bridge. To ensure the desired shape is achieved while the nose heals, visiting a plastic surgeon is recommended with broken nose injuries.

Reshaping for Broken Noses

Dr. Preminger is a highly experienced plastic and reconstructive surgeon. If you have a newly fractured nose or a misshapen nose from a previous fracture, she can offer solutions to restore form and function. Not all nose fractures will require surgery, but Dr. Preminger can evaluate new nose fractures and recommend the best treatment. She can carefully set the nasal bones to allow the nose to heal correctly and with the best aesthetic results.

In some cases, nose fracture repair surgery may be required to fix a broken nose. This may be performed after the initial healing from the injury is complete. If the nose is completely healed, rhinoplasty may be required to reshape the nose and fix a crooked bridge or deviated septum caused by the previous broken nose injury.

If you sustain a broken nose or have a crooked nose from a previous nasal fracture, Dr. Preminger can restore the shape and function of your nose. Contact our office in Manhattan to schedule a nasal fracture repair or reshaping consultation.

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