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Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. Preminger favors a subtle approach to rhinoplasty, offering patients a natural looking result.

Thinking about having a nose job in NYC? Consult with leading plastic surgeon Dr. B. Aviva Preminger.

Nose surgery in New York

A skillfully performed nose job can have a positive impact on your overall appearance and self-esteem. Also known as rhinoplasty, nose surgery is popular among both sexes who are unhappy with a prominent nasal bump, asymmetry or breathing difficulties caused by a deviated septum or other obstructions.

Rhinoplasty can alter the width, angle and size of your nose, bringing it into better proportion with your facial features. Nose reshaping can help improve appearance and alleviate chronic congestion and breathing issues caused by structural problems.

Toward any of these goals, Dr. Preminger performs rhinoplasty in her convenient Manhattan office. Patients go home the same day to recover, and the results are permanent!

“A lot of people are actually unhappy with the appearance of their noses,” says Dr. Preminger, “and the nose is one of the most prominent features on a person’s face.” She performs nose surgery to address a variety of patient complaints, such as:

  • Asymmetry of the nose, or crooked nose
  • A hump or bump on the upper part of the nose
  • Excess cartilage in the middle of the nose
  • A wide or boxy nasal tip
  • Over-large nostrils

Dr. Preminger reveals that, after a rhinoplasty or nose job, “Most people are back at work or their normal activities at about a week’s time and very, very happy that they finally went through this, because most patients who are unhappy with the appearance of their noses have actually spent a lifetime feeling self-conscious about them, and wonder why they haven’t done the procedure sooner.”

Quick Facts

Procedure Length

About 2-3 hours


Usually performed under general anesthesia; twilight sedation may be indicated for minor nose reshaping

In/Out Patient

Performed on an outpatient basis


Infection, bleeding, difficulty breathing, possible need for revision surgery

Side Effects


7- 10 days back at work
1-2 weeks light to moderate exercise
3-4 weeks more strenuous activity
1 month for most swelling to resolve
1 year to see final rhinoplasty results

Duration of Results


face of a beautiful woman

Preparing for nose surgery

During your initial rhinoplasty consultation, Dr. Preminger will discuss your motivations and expectations for nose surgery to determine if you’re a good candidate. Rhinoplasty should only be performed after the nose has fully developed, which in women typically happens by age 15 or 16.

Men should wait to have nose surgery until they are at least 16 or 17. Those who want to correct a previous rhinoplasty or sports injury are encouraged to detail their concerns to Dr. Preminger. As with any surgical procedure, realistic expectations and good physical health are prerequisites. In addition to normal side effects like swelling and bruising, Dr. Preminger will explain other rhinoplasty risks.

Rhinoplasty complications are rare, but risks include:

  • Anesthesia complications
  • Injuries to the septum (perforation)
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Poor wound healing
  • Nasal blockage resulting from inflammation
  • Numbness
  • Possibility of revision surgery

Dr. Preminger is experienced in both primary and revision rhinoplasty, offering both procedures in her private Manhattan surgical suite. Whether a dorsal hump is being removed, the nasal tip refined, or flaring nostrils corrected, Dr. Preminger will take the necessary steps to ensure aesthetic balance is achieved.

Patients are usually given a general anesthetic, although twilight sedation may be suitable for minor surgeries involving only slight nose reshaping. Depending on the extent of the nose surgery, the entire operation may last from two to three hours.

Dr. Preminger makes incisions either inside the nostrils or across the columella – the tissue between the nostrils. Any noticeable humps are removed or brought down to create a more refined profile. Excess cartilage may be removed completely or used in tip sculpting and refinement.

If the septum is deviated, Dr. Preminger will straighten it with a septoplasty that can significantly improve breathing. During the procedure, malformed bone and cartilage is reshaped, sculpted or removed. This surgery will help alleviate persistent inflammation of the turbinates, resulting in unobstructed nasal airways. In “open” nose reshaping procedures, incisions are generally closed with dissolvable sutures.


After the rhinoplasty is finished and patients are awake, they are free to return home with a relative or friend. Nasal packing may prove uncomfortable for patients during the first few days, when swelling and bruising are at their worst. Dr. Preminger will also apply a splint and bandages on the outside of your nose to protect and support delicate structures as they heal. Pain medication may also be prescribed to help minimize discomfort for the first week.

Try and avoid blowing your nose or stooping for the first three weeks after your nose surgery. Rigorous activity and contact sports should be avoided for one month.

Patients should be ready to get back to work after seven to ten days. Most bruising and swelling will have subsided by then.

Post-op instructions for optimal recovery include:

  • Avoid physical activity
  • Change bandages and dressings
  • Take medications as prescribed
  • Attend all follow-up appointments
"The best nose jobs are the least conspicuous. Together with my patient, we strive to create the most natural-looking, well-proportioned result. It's a very exciting process."
B. Aviva Preminger, MD

When will you see the results?

A tiny amount of swelling can linger for months after a rhinoplasty, meaning patients will continue to observe subtle changes to the contour of their nose for up to one year. The final outcome is evident at twelve months and the results are permanent.

Those who work outdoors or spend a lot of time in the sun should remember to use a quality sunscreen to protect incision sites, which are usually undetectable but can become more visible with UV exposure. Patients can promote healing with a nutritious diet, sun avoidance and proper rest, as indicated by Dr. Preminger.

Nose Surgery in NYC

If you are interested in rhinoplasty and would like to schedule a private consultation with Dr. Preminger at our Park Avenue office, please call (212) 706-1900 or contact us online. Known for her compassion, expertise, honesty and patience, Dr. Preminger is especially attuned to the special needs of women who want to look their best.

Request a consultation today.

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If you are ready to make a change to your appearance, choose the best plastic surgeon and cosmetic team for your procedure. Aviva Preminger, MD Aesthetic Plastic Surgery offers intricate procedures to reshape the face, breasts and body, as well as rejuvenating treatments to look your best at every age.

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