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Kybella® NYC

Kybella® is the latest treatment for chin and neck fat, eliminating a “double chin” without the need for liposuction or surgery.

Is Kybella® one of the best option for you? Make an informed decision with Dr. Preminger.

Kybella® injections

Kybella® is an exciting new injectable that treats under chin and neck fat. FDA approved in April 2015, the drug was first developed and manufactured by Kythera Biopharmaceuticals in California, which is now owned by Botox® maker Allergan. According to Fierce Biotech, Kybella® is a synthetic form of “natural deoxycholic acid, which the body produces to help break down fat.” When injected into the body, Kybella® destroys local fat cells.

“Basically, what it’s doing is disrupting the fat cell membrane,” explains Derek H. Jones, clinical associate professor of dermatology at UCLA who has conducted research on Kybella®. “As soon as it hits, it causes lysis—or destroys the cell membrane. After that, the fat cell releases its fatty contents and the body metabolizes the fatty contents as normal.”

The total number of treatments required to see results vary from patient to patient, but in general, plastic surgeons tell WebMD they can vary from 12-20 injections per 15-minute visit, with two or three visits spaced a month apart. The FDA says that patients may receive “up to 50 injections in a single treatment, with up to six single treatments no less than a month apart.”

Quick Facts

Procedure Length

15-20 minutes



In/Out Patient



Nerve injury, facial muscle weakness

Side Effects

Temporary discomfort, swelling, inflammation, bruising, difficulty swallowing


Back to work the next day
Pain resolves within 8 hours
Swelling resolves within 48 hours to 1 week
Final results visible within 3-5 months

Duration of Results


A middle-aged man getting facial injections.

Kybella® cost

For those wondering about the Kybella® price range, The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) indicates that the cost is comparable to dermal fillers like Juvederm® and Restylane. The Inquisitr states that “there will be a large market for the double chin shot since it does not require invasive surgery and it is actually cheaper than a facelift or a neck lift.”

The cost of Kybella® injections will vary with each patient depending on the size of the area being treated on how many injections you receive. Dr. Preminger offers a variety of financing options and payment plans to make Kybella® treatment affordable to her patients. Just ask to see which financing arrangement might be right for you.

Happy mature woman's face after Kybella treatment.

Kybella® reviews

Over 50 consumers gave Kybella® injections a “100% Worth It” rating on the on plastic surgery review site RealSelf. Many say they had been considering everything from facelifts and liposuction to jaw implants prior to settling on Kybella®. Some people were relatively thin with hereditary facial fat, while others had always been a little full in the face but did not like the appearance of a double chin. At first, some Kybella® reviews expressed disappointment that the results were not visible. The most candid doctors informed their patients that it often takes several months to see a visible difference.

Here is some of what Kybella® reviewers had to say:

  • “The procedure was very easy and not much discomfort at all. After the injection there was a bit of a aching feeling and some tenderness that was solved with an Ibuprofen.” – Debra
  • “Now that four weeks have passed since my first [treatment], I can definitely see improvement.” – Valencia, CA patient
  • “No matter who you are, sometimes as you get older, it’s nice to be reassured that you still have something to work with — and what a miracle it is to be able to see yourself as you were a few years earlier!” – A patient from Chicago, IL
  • “I am shocked at the outcome, after 4 treatments my life long double chin is GONE!” – Dallas, TX patient
"The end results of Kybella® treatment can be life-changing for people who have struggled with persistent chin fat their whole lives."
B. Aviva Preminger, MD
Happy mature man after Kybella treatment.

Kybella® results

Prior to receiving FDA approval, Kybella® was involved in two U.S. clinical trials including over 1,000 patients. More than 80% of those receiving treatment said they saw noticeable improvements in their chin fat. Prospective candidates can view Kybella® before and after photos at the official Kybella® website and get answers to frequently asked questions.

Prior to Kybella® injections, patients are also required to meet with a health care professional for a consultation to discuss medical history and expectations to ensure they are good candidates for the procedure. Genetic fat is not always to blame for the appearance of a double chin. Medical conditions like thyromegaly (enlarged thyroid) and cervical lymphadenopathy (enlarged cervical lymph nodes) should be ruled out before Kybella® becomes the preferred treatment.

To prepare for Kybella® injections, patients are usually asked to stop taking aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E, fish oil and similar medications for a few weeks and refrain from alcohol for several days to minimize swelling. Some patients take Arnica the morning of their procedure or immediately after to help reduce bruising.

At the scheduled appointment, a numbing cream is typically applied. Then a grid of temporary ink is placed on the neck and chin area to guide the injections, which last from 15 to 20 minutes.

Best results usually require between two to six treatments, separated by 4-6 weeks, with each treatment consisting of 12 to 20 small injections.

No special care is required afterward, except for icing the area to relieve tenderness. Some women wear scarves to mask swelling or makeup to hide bruising.

“The end results of Kybella® treatment can be life-changing for people who have struggled with persistent chin fat their whole lives,” explains NYC plastic surgeon Dr. B. Aviva Preminger. “However, patience is required because the results do not happen overnight. While the fat cells die quickly, it takes some time for the body to process the fat nodules and for the inflammation and swelling of aggravated tissues to go down entirely. Keep in mind inflammation is good because it helps tighten the skin during the healing process.”

She adds, “Some patients feel anxious because they are often going in for multiple treatments before they see progress. That’s why it’s so important to find an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon with a long history of experience with cosmetic injections that you have a rapport with and trust.”

Kybella® risks & recovery

The most commonly cited Kybella® side effects are temporary swelling, pain, numbness and bruising, but these issues usually resolve within 48 to 72 hours. The first treatment tends to be more uncomfortable than subsequent treatments, with swelling less pronounced. Small areas of hardness in the treatment area are often reported as the body processes fat and cellular debris for removal, but these nodules are not visible and do go away in time.

Serious risks may include nerve injury in the jaw that leads to an uneven smile, facial muscle weakness and difficulty swallowing. In formal studies, 4.3 percent of patients suffered nerve injury that left them with asymmetrical smiles for an average of 42 days and 2 percent reported difficulty swallowing for a few days.

Dermatologists warn that the skin can be injured if the product is not properly injected into the fat tissue. Skin cells can be destroyed or the skin can become hardened as a result. Patients must exercise due diligence in choosing well-trained doctors for the procedures, reports the NY Times.

As with anything, not everyone is a good candidate for this cosmetic procedure. The FDA warns: “Kybella® should not be used outside of the submental area, and it should not be used if there is an infection at the injection site. Caution should also be used in patients who have had prior surgical or aesthetic treatment of the submental area.” The drug is not approved for children under age 18 and has not been studied on pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.

Furthermore, patients with excess fat and loose skin may still need a neck lift after fat is reduced with the shot. A patient consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon who does Kybella® injections, liposuction and chin lifts is one of the best way to identify which procedures will be most effective for a particular individual.

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