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Accessory Breast Tissue Surgery

Free yourself once and for all from the discomfort and embarrassment of living with abnormal clumps of breast tissue.

Learn more about the amazing results Dr. Preminger has achieved with accessory breast tissue surgery.

Accessory Breast Tissue Surgery

Men and women with axillary breast tissue often feel uncomfortable with their bodies and wish to have the abnormal growths removed. The good news is that these displaced mounds of tissue are almost always benign and non-cancerous, and accessory breast tissue surgery yields excellent results. Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. Preminger is sympathetic to all that you’ve been through and uses her tremendous surgical skills to improve your quality of life and confidence.

“Accessory breast tissue, or underarm fat, is often genetic – a lot of family members, mothers and daughters, can actually have the same problem,” explains Dr. Preminger, who offers CoolSculpting, liposuction or breast tissue removal surgery to treat axillary breast tissue. “The patients are so happy that they finally had this done, I’ve taken care of mothers and daughters – I’ve taken care of the mother first and the daughter has come to me and said, ‘I’ve had this problem my whole life and I didn’t know that anything could be done for it.’”

Quick Facts

Procedure Length

1-3 hours



In/Out Patient



Scarring, infection, persistent arm tightness

Side Effects

Bruising, inflammation, lymphedema, numbness


Back at work in as little as 1 week, although 3 weeks is ideal
Resume light exercise at 1 week
Resume strenuous activity at 4-6 weeks, as directed
2 weeks for swelling to resolve

Duration of Results

Results are lasting, with full improvement visible at six months

As with any surgical procedure, axillary breast tissue removal begins with a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Preminger herself. She will ask you questions regarding your medical history and determine if you are at risk for complications. During this time, the surgeon will answer any questions you may have regarding the procedure itself, the recovery, or payment options.

Slim woman wearing a white bra.

Axillary Breast Tissue Removal Procedure

In the past, breast tissue was removed along with adjacent fat tissue and excess skin using general open surgery, which left a long, ugly scar. Today, surgeons use a minimally invasive method for axillary breast tissue removal. A minimal incision is made and the tumescent liposuction technique aspirates the breast and fat tissue.

When nipples or areolas are present, the surgeon excises them after the liposuction portion of the procedure is done. Extra skin is removed using a small fusiform incision. Common side effects are tiredness, numbness and tingling down the arm, mild swelling, and constipation.

"Many women come to me reporting that ever since childhood they have had embarrassing lumps of fat in their breast region, regardless of their weight or how many hours of cardio or strength work they do. The good news is we can fix the problem with a simple procedure, for good."
B. Aviva Preminger, MD

Patients report great results following breast tissue removal

Dr. Preminger will prescribe you Tylenol with Codeine to help you get through the first few days of recovery. You will likely feel slightly groggy during this time and should not drive or work. Eat well, rest in the evening, and drink plenty of water. Ask before taking any supplements, as they may interfere with your recovery. The original operation dressing can be changed after 48 hours. A nurse will help you with this task, so don’t worry! You can shower at this point, but should avoid baths, hot tubs, and soaps for another five days. The incision normally heals in about 10 days, at which point you can shave the area, apply antiperspirant, and use moisturizing lotion. Most people return to work and activity about three weeks after the operation.

Accessory Breast Tissue Removal in NYC

A 2009 study of 51 patients published in the journal of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reported that “all were satisfied with their appearance after their initial surgery,” with the exception of two patients who suffered infection. All in all, though, there are very few risks associated with the surgery and little to no chance of recurrence. The minimal scarring and complete removal of accessory breast tissue yields high patient satisfaction rates. Dr. Preminger will check in with you following your surgery to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the results.

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