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Laser Liposuction for Men in NYC

When love handles or embarrassing "man breasts" don't respond to diet and exercise, laser liposuction may be the solution.

Not sure if laser lipo is right for you? Get all the details from Dr. Preminger.

Quick Facts

Procedure Length

1 – 2 hours


General or local sedation

In/Out Patient



Numbness, infection, burns and lumpiness

Side Effects

Bruising, swelling and pain


Back at work in 2 days
Resume regular exercise in 3 weeks
6 weeks for all swelling to resolve

Duration of Results


Preparing for laser liposuction in Manhattan

Dr. Preminger will assess your candidacy for this innovative male body sculpting treatment during a private consultation.

When considering smart lipo, it’s imperative to have realistic expectations. Think of it as a way to safely address problem areas by removing targeted fat. The abdomen, midsection, chest, love handles and chin are the most common areas treated with laser liposuction.

If you smoke, Dr. Preminger may ask that you refrain from this before liposuction or any other surgical procedure, since it hampers the healing process.

Male laser lipo patients are some of Dr. Preminger’s most satisfied clients. And since the procedure leaves little scarring and has minimal recovery time, most guys are back at the gym in less than two weeks.

Good candidates for laser liposuction include men who:

  • Have no major health problems
  • Are within 20 percent of their ideal body weight
  • Want to sculpt certain body parts rather than lose unwanted pounds
  • Would like to increase muscle definition
  • Have good skin elasticity
naked torso of athletic man


Laser-assisted liposuction is less invasive compared to other conventional techniques. By using laser energy to melt the fat, adipose cells are easily removed through small cannulas. This approach typically results in less swelling and bruising, minimal blood loss, and promotes faster healing.

The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, and depending on the number of areas treated and amount of fat being removed, may require local sedation or general anesthesia.

Smart lipo begins with several injections under the skin, where the excess fat will be removed. These injections contain a local anesthetic and saline solution that helps prevent excess blood loss. Since the laser energy helps to close blood vessels during the procedure, patients may experience considerably less bruising.

"Since the scars from smart lipo are unobtrusive, men can enjoy a sleeker look without broadcasting that they’ve just had plastic surgery."
B. Aviva Preminger, MD


Patients will notice an immediate difference in the shape and definition of their bodies following laser liposuction. Moderate swelling and soreness is normal and Dr. Preminger may ask you to wear a compression garment on the treated area(s) for a prescribed period of time. Some men are back at work the same day, while others may take a day or two off to rest. Dr. Preminger will have explained all possible surgical risks and complications prior to the procedure, such as temporary numbness, laser burns, skin irregularities, infection and pain.

You should be back to your normal routine within three to four days, though heavy or strenuous exercise should be avoided for up to three weeks. Another added benefit of smart lipo is its skin tightening effects, which is usually noted several weeks after the procedure.

According to a recent study, the amount of skin tightening with smart liposuction is roughly 50 percent better compared to traditional lipo.

The results you're looking for

Laser lipo is a popular non-invasive procedure for men who are looking to achieve a masculine, sculpted look for the summer.

Final results of smart lipo are usually evident at six months, when all swelling has resolved. If patients maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly, the results will last for years since the purpose of liposuction is to remove excess fat cells so they can never regenerate.

Smart Lipo for Men in NYC

For more detailed information about male laser lipo in NYC with Dr. Preminger, please call our Park Avenue practice at (212) 706-1900 or contact us online to schedule a one-on-one consultation. All surgical and non-invasive procedures are performed in fully accredited, onsite facilities.

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