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Inverted Nipple Surgery

New York plastic surgeon Dr. Preminger performs inverted nipple repair – both surgical and non-surgical – in her Park Avenue, Manhattan suite.

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Inverted Nipple Surgery in NYC

An estimated 10 to 20 percent of all women have inverted nipples, which can cause feelings of self-consciousness and embarrassment. While this condition can also happen in men, it is fortunately an easy one to remedy with both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic breast treatments.

Quick Facts

Procedure Length

30 minutes (depending on type of procedure)


None or local sedation

In/Out Patient



Lack of nipple sensation, damage to milk ducts

Side Effects

Slight swelling, bruising and discomfort


Patients must wear protective bandage for 4-6 weeks
Avoid rigorous exercise for 5 days
Return to work within 1-2 days

Duration of Results


Inverted nipple correction surgery

Patients with one or two inverted nipples may lack confidence when it comes to the appearance of their breasts, especially during intimate occasions. Inverted nipples, where the nipples are flat or concave, are a totally natural breast variation that many people are born with. For some patients, nipple inversion will spontaneously resolve during puberty or pregnancy, while others may develop inverted nipples during these times. Although inverted nipples are completely painless, the condition can make breasts look asymmetrical and distorted. In the most severe cases, inverted nipples can even interfere with breastfeeding.

Dr. B. Aviva Preminger offers inverted nipple surgery in NYC, helping women (and men) boost their self-esteem and confidence. Before recommending a treatment plan, Dr. Preminger will examine your breasts to assess the degree of severity.

  • Level 1 – Nipples are only mildly inverted and can usually be fixed with a manual release and stretch of the tissue.
  • Level 2 – Nipples are not likely to correct themselves spontaneously, and may respond to non-surgical manipulation with suction or surgery.
  • Level 3 – This category is the most severe type of nipple inversion that will only respond to inverted nipple surgery.

After your personal consultation and physical exam, Dr. Preminger will outline one of the best options, and if inverted nipple correction surgery is necessary, you will have the chance to tour her state-of-the-art surgical suite situated on the upper east side of Manhattan.

Inverted nipple causes

A fully or partially inverted nipple is typically caused by a lack of duct tissue within the breast. Women and men who were born with inverted nipples have milk ducts that are simply too short for the nipple to protrude normally. The nipples are tethered further into the breast tissue because of these short milk ducts, which can lead to a fully inverted nipple, or a “shy” nipple that only pops out with external stimulation or temperature changes. This cosmetic issue can affect one nipple or both, and may also present later in life as a result of trauma to the breast or breastfeeding.

Can I still breastfeed after inverted nipple repair?

In order to surgically evert nipples that are categorized as grade 2 or grade 3, there will likely be some trauma to the milk ducts, which can affect breastfeeding ability. Women who are planning on having children and breastfeeding are encouraged to wait until after they are finished before having inverted nipple repair.

While much care is made to preserve the lactiferous ducts and nerves, each case is different, and some patients may find that after the surgery they are unable to breastfeed. Dr. Preminger ensures that all patients have thorough knowledge of the risks and benefits of the procedure, so they can make informed decisions.

Inverted nipple surgery before and after photos

Inverted nipple correction surgery can normalize appearance and create a pleasing cosmetic result. During the surgery, which usually lasts 30 minutes, a tiny incision is placed near the areola and the connective bands are carefully released. Fine, dissolvable sutures are used to close the incision, which leave very inconspicuous scars. One of the easiest ways to visualize results is to view inverted nipple repair before and after photos, which demonstrate the aesthetic transformations achieved.

“Inverted nipples are a common concern, and the majority of my patients have lived with this condition for years. Inverted nipple correction is a minor procedure that yields terrific, permanent results that positively affect self-image.”
B. Aviva Preminger, MD

Inverted nipple surgery cost

For patients who are wondering about inverted nipple surgery prices in their area, fees will hinge upon a number of factors including the type of inverted nipple repair performed, the experience of your plastic surgeon, geographic location, and the type of anesthesia (if any) used.

Dr. Preminger offers nipple surgery as a stand-alone procedure or as part of a Mommy Makeover, which can help women regain their confidence along with their pre-baby figures. To learn more about inverted nipple repair costs and patient financing options, contact our office in NYC.

Inverted nipple surgery recovery

Patients can expect a short recovery with little downtime, and are back at work within two days. A special dressing is placed over the nipples after the surgery, and patients may experience some mild swelling and tenderness. Avoiding strenuous activities for the first two weeks can help expedite the healing process and best of all – the results are evident immediately! Most patients will notice normal fully everted nipples right after the procedure, and the results are generally permanent.

Dr. Preminger understands the impact that inverted nipples can have on confidence and relationships, and is proud to offer her expertise and talent to patients in need. To make an appointment for a private consultation, please call (212) 706-1900.

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