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Bunny Lines Treatment

When you scrunch your nose and eyebrows together, lines appear between your eyebrows and across the bridge of the nose that mimic a rabbit’s nose. The term “bunny lines” may sound cute, but when these dynamic lines become etched on your nose, it is unlikely that you will find it adorable. Not everyone gets bunny lines – it depends on your skin elasticity and normal facial expressions. However, if you do have nasal sidewall wrinkles, you may want to seek skin care treatment. Dr. Aviva Preminger offers effective bunny line treatment at her practice in Manhattan.

If you tend to scrunch your nose when you smile or laugh, you are more likely to have bunny lines as you get older. Just like the frown lines or “11s” between the brows, bunny lines are dynamic lines that are caused by muscle movement. As the skin gets older and loses elasticity, these dynamic lines can leave behind static lines in the skin that are noticeable even when the facial muscles are relaxed. The good news is that these lines can be smoothed without plastic surgery. Dr. Preminger offers cosmetic injection treatments for both dynamic and static bunny lines.

Eliminate Nasal Sidewall Wrinkles

For dynamic bunny lines, treatment includes Botox® injections. Targeting and relaxing the muscles that cause bunny lines can smooth away the nasal sidewall wrinkles. Botox injections can be performed in about 15 minutes, and there is no downtime needed. The effects of Botox take a few days to be noticeable, and the results can last 3-4 months before the treatment needs to be repeated.

For deeper, static bunny lines, facial filler injections may be recommended. Adding hyaluronic acid injections or other fillers can be beneficial to eliminate the nasal sidewall lines for a more youthful and attractive nose. Like Botox injections, facial filler treatment can be performed in a short visit to our office on Park Avenue on the Upper East Side of NYC. Dermal fillers offer instant results, and you can enjoy the benefits for several months or longer before the treatment needs to be repeated.

If you have bunny lines forming on the sides and top of your nose, there are non-invasive treatments available. Contact the office of Aviva Preminger, M.D. in Manhattan to schedule a cosmetic consultation to discuss bunny lines treatment.

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