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Breast Asymmetry Correction

Each breast is unique, and it is quite normal to have breasts that are slightly different in shape and size. Just like one hand or foot may be slightly bigger or have differences from the other, the same is true for breasts. However, when there is pronounced breast asymmetry, it can cause a person to be self-conscious or insecure about their appearance. Dr. Preminger is a top plastic surgeon in Manhattan who offers breast asymmetry correction to fix uneven breast appearance.

Small differences in the size or shape of breasts are likely to go unnoticed. When there is a significant difference, it can cause a variety of issues. Bras and swimsuits may not fit correctly if one breast is a different cup size than the other. The breasts may appear lopsided, even when wearing clothing. The solution is to make both breasts the same size or shape through breast augmentation and lifting techniques. The surgery is customized to the patient to create the desired, natural appearance.

Uneven Breast Plastic Surgery

In most cases, breast asymmetry correction will involve either a breast augmentation or reduction to create symmetrical sizes. Either the larger breast can be reduced to match the smaller one, or the smaller one can be enlarged. Some patients may take this opportunity to reduce both breasts to a smaller size or increase both breasts to the same cup size. A breast lift can also be included to improve the overall breast appearance. Every procedure is tailored to the patient’s preferences to create the perfect look for their ideal body contours.

Dr. Preminger is a breast augmentation specialist that has performed countless implant augmentations, reductions and reconstructions for her patients. Her extensive expertise is evident in the many testimonials and reviews left by her cosmetic breast procedure patients. If you are considering a breast asymmetry correction, Dr. Preminger is one of the top board certified plastic surgeons in NYC and an excellent choice for your procedure.

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