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You may already be familiar with the term “tummy tuck,” medically referred to as an abdominoplasty. Tummy tucks are a great way to remove excess skin and fat in the abdominal region, tighten the underlying muscles, and produce a toned, pleasingly contoured torso.

Tummy tucks are particularly popular among women who are finished growing their families. They are often included as part of an overall Mommy makeover. But conventional tummy tucks might not be right for every woman. For some women, a reverse abdominoplasty may produce better results.

What is a reverse abdominoplasty?

The term “reverse abdominoplasty” is something of a misnomer as the procedure does not refer to something that reverses an original tummy tuck. Rather, it refers to a difference in surgical approaches. To understand a reverse abdominoplasty, it is helpful to have a basic understanding of the anatomical issues associated with a conventional tummy tuck.

A good patient for a conventional tummy tuck is one who has excessive amounts of skin of poor elasticity around the lower abdomen, excess fatty tissue, and separation of the abdominal wall muscles. This last condition is referred to as diastasis. To correct these problems during a conventional tummy tuck, the cosmetic surgeon uses liposuction to eliminate excess fat, after which the abdominal muscles are repaired and extra skin from the lower abdomen is removed.

These techniques bring great results for many patients, but some people also have loose skin in the upper abdomen. These same patients may have stubborn fat deposites in the lower abdomen, but without excess skin in this area. Additionally, these patients may not have a full diastasis that necessitates excessive repair of the rectus muscle. For these patients, a reverse abdominoplasty may bring better results than a conventional tummy tuck.

What’s involved with the procedure?

Like some other plastic surgery procedures, a reverse abdominoplasty may be performed under general anesthesia. The surgeon will start by making incisions along the lower breast fold. It may be necessary to make incisions under both breast folds. For a conventional tummy tuck, the incisions would normally be made in the lower abdomen between the public line and navel. During a reverse tummy tuck, the excess skin is removed upward, rather than downward as it is during a conventional tummy tuck. After the extra skin is removed, the surgeon can place permanent lifting sutures. These serve to raise the lower skin edge to the upper skin edge underneath the breast fold, which is known as the inframammary fold. One of the benefits of this surgical technique is that the resultant surgical scar is neatly hidden.

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