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Most of us understand the tremendous power of cosmetic procedures to produce incredible transformations both in personal appearance and overall self esteem. Perhaps we have seen the impact in someone we love who has taken the initiative to improve their outward image as well as their mental and emotional perspective on life.

However, it is common for prospective patients to wonder if there is a right age at which to consider plastic surgery.

Facial rejuvenation in younger patients

While the rationale and inspiration for undergoing any type of cosmetic procedure will always be extremely personal to the individual patient, recent research has suggested that certain types of techniques may yield more favorable results in those in a particular age range. According to the official journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, younger individuals who are exhibiting minimal or early indications of facial aging tend to experience better outcomes and greater levels of satisfactions at least 10 years following their surgery.

Given this revelation, patients under 50 who opt for a “maintenance face lift” may represent optimal candidates for facial rejuvenation procedures. In the past, researchers determined that patients who had face lift procedures when older experienced less satisfaction and greater inconsistency of outcomes. The patients whose surgeries occurred before 50 not only exhibited greater subjective satisfaction with their results, expert review of their photos reinforced the fact that they retained remarkably youthful appearances. This stands in contrast to older patients who, though still more youthful looking than age-group peers, did not experience the same degree of success.

Individual assessment is essential to satisfaction

Though this recent research suggests that patients of a certain age may be terrific candidates for facial rejuvenation procedures, that is not to say that other demographic groups cannot benefit greatly from a wide range of interventions. Ultimately, each case is unique, and there are a series of important factors to be considered when making the determination of whether or not to seek plastic surgery.

One of the most highly regarded female plastic surgeons NYC has to offer, Dr. B. Aviva Preminger endeavors to understand each prospective patient’s reasons for seeking cosmetic enhancement and designs customized treatment plans in keeping with their desires.

One of the most critical factors in determining whether Botox or a brow lift is age-appropriate is the physical health of the prospective patient. Again, this is where an individualized approach and comprehensive health assessment become vital to determining whether a given procedure is right for patients of more advanced age.

Maturity and expectations

Also of significance in determining the right age for undergoing cosmetic procedures is the age and psychological expectations of a prospective patient. In terms of “maturity,” chronological age may not always be the deciding factor. Many younger individuals, even teenagers, exhibit far greater intellectual and emotional maturity than their older counterparts, and these are traits Dr. Preminger will explore when performing consultations in her Manhattan plastic surgery office.

In addition, Dr. Preminger will assess whether a potential patient has a healthy grasp of the risks, potential benefits and limitations of plastic surgery before agreeing to move forward. Knowing what a particular procedure can and cannot do is critical to achieving positive outcomes and truly transformational results.

NYC female plastic surgeon, Dr. B. Aviva Preminger

As a busy mother of three, Dr. Preminger understands the pressures, priorities and concerns of women in NYC. Taking an individualistic, comprehensive approach to each prospective patient, she takes the time necessary to understand your goals and expectations, whether you’re interested in anti-aging skin treatments or a more drastic intervention.

If you are seeking insights and guidance from a skilled, compassionate plastic surgeon in New York City who relates to a woman’s concerns, schedule a consultation in Dr. Preminger’s Park Avenue office by calling 212.706.1900.

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