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2017 ushers in a new chapter to healthier, happier living. For many, January marks the start of better eating habits, regular workouts at the gym, and attempts to drop that stubborn holiday weight. Remember when sticking to New Year’s resolutions to get fit was easy?  A couple months of clean eating and intense cardio were enough to kick-start your trim-down in your 20’s and early 30’s, but once middle age sets in, it gets harder and harder to drop weight. Why is it so challenging to blast fat away as we approach menopause? Dr. B. Aviva Preminger, NYC plastic surgeon, weighs in on this hot topic in the January issue of New Beauty magazine, which highlights the latest beauty secrets and trends in cosmetic surgery.

Although genetics do affect how and where we pack on weight as we age, Dr. Preminger explains that metabolic rate is another crucial factor. As we get older, the metabolism begins to slow down, meaning fewer calories are burned. For women entering their menopausal years, this metabolic slowdown is exacerbated by a noticeable drop in hormones like testosterone and estrogen. The cumulative effect is a drop in lean muscle mass and an increase in body fat, especially around the midsection. In order to trim our waistlines, we have to not only exercise more than we did before, but focus on building muscle as well.

When diet & exercise aren’t enough

The experts quoted by New Beauty recognize that all the ab crunches in the world can’t undo the workings of genetics and Father Time. Some people are just inherently predisposed to develop double chins or carry a “spare tire” around the bellies, particularly after hitting their 40’s. In situations like these, when healthy eating and exercise can only do so much, plastic surgery can be the ticket to melting away stubborn fat.

One of the most innovative fat blasting treatments on the market today is Kybella, which smooths out fat bulges under the chin. Kybella, which uses deoxycholic acid to break down lipids, is a great way to see a noticeable reduction in under-chin fullness, says Dr. Preminger, who administers the lunch-hour procedure in her Manhattan office. Most patients benefit from a series of Kybella treatments, up to three or four, and see visible results after a few months.  Much cheaper than a neck lift, Kybella injections are non-invasive, virtually painless and have a strong track record of success. In previous clinical studies almost 80 percent of patients were satisfied with the results 12 weeks after treatment.

Bothered by saddle bags, love handles and under arm fat? Thanks to technological advances, you can now freeze your fat away with CoolSculpting. This fat freezing procedure works wonders for people who are within a reasonable weight and want to target diet-resistant pockets of fat. The in-office treatment can last 45 minutes to one hour, during which time the device actually freezes adipose cells, which are later naturally eliminated by the body. Most patients see a 25 percent reduction in fat in treated areas, says Dr. Preminger, who adds that tenderness, swelling and redness are the most common side effects. Perhaps one of one of the best aspects of CoolSculpting is that the results are permanent – as long as you maintain a normal weight.  This novel treatment has garnered rave reviews from the likes of Ali Landry, a former model and mother of three who finally got her waistline back after just one Coolsculpting treatment.

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