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Performed correctly, a breast lift can restore confidence and a rejuvenated self-image that can be life changing. Under the care of Dr. Preminger, an Ivy League educated, board-certified NYC plastic surgeon, a breast lift provides a passage to a new world of enhanced self-esteem and physical beauty for women who may be unhappy with the appearance of their breasts.

There are several types of breast lifts that a plastic surgeon can employ. The choice of procedure is generally dependent on the degree of desired lift.

The procedures all include incision patterns of some kind, but when performed by a highly experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Preminger, most scarring will be virtually invisible.

Perioareolar and circumareolar breast lifts

Perioareolar/circumareolar breast lifts are the least dramatic and invasive of the three major breast lift types. With a perioareolar lift, sometimes referred to as a “crescent lift”, a thin incision is made along the top of the areola extending halfway down each side of the areola. A crescent shaped piece of skin is removed just above the incision and the remaining skin is reattached to the top of the areola. This procedure provides a slight lifting of the nipple and the areola and is indicated only for a woman who requires a minimal degree of lift. Any scarring will be along the half moon incision around the top half of the areola.

For a woman who is experiencing a moderate amount of sagging, a circumareolar lift, sometimes called a “donut lift” or Benelli lift (after the surgeon who pioneered it), is indicated. A thin incision is made around the entire areola and a circular or donut shaped section of skin is removed from around the areola. The remaining skin is then drawn in toward the perimeter of the areola like a purse string. This type of incision also allows for the placement of a breast implant if desired. The scarring in this type of incision is again minimal because it follows the edge of the areola.

Vertical breast or lollipop lifts

In women whose breast sagging is more pronounced, a vertical breast lift, also called a ”lollipop” lift can be employed. In a lollipop lift, the same around- the-areola type of incision used in the donut lift is made with a vertical incision added coming down from the center lower edge of the areola. This enables Dr. Preminger to remove extra skin from both sides of the downward incision, draw the remaining skin tighter, and reattach the skin beneath the center of the areola. The breast tissue is now wrapped in a rounder tighter pocket of skin tissue. Dr. Preminger can now move the nipple and areola higher using the circular incision around the areola as is done in the donut lift.

Traditional breast or anchor lifts

A traditional breast lift is indicated for women with either extensive sagging of the breasts, also known as ptosis, or extremely large breasts. This procedure, also known as an “anchor lift” due to the incision pattern which resembles the horizontal and vertical lines of an anchor, combines the lollipop shaped incision of a vertical lift and adds an incision along the underside of the breast in the breast crease.

Because of the incision pattern, this traditional breast lift in NYC can dramatically reshape a woman’s breasts by allowing Dr. Preminger to remove more excess skin. It is equally effective for large breasted women who desire breast reduction or for small-breasted women with pronounced sagging. For the latter, it gives Dr. Preminger an opportunity to enhance the beauty and shapeliness of the breasts with saline or silicone implants. An anchor lift has the most extensive incision pattern, but in the hands of a highly skilled cosmetic surgeon, any scarring will be greatly minimized.

Consult with a plastic surgeon NYC trusts

Dr. Preminger is a board certified Manhattan plastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the face and body, and devotes her practice to restoring confidence and enhancing self-esteem for her patients. If you’d like help determining if a breast lift in NYC is appropriate for you, please call Dr. Preminger’s NYC office at 866.201.9828 for a consultation.

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