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Breast implants have provided many women with the confidence and body contour they desire. However, like all medical devices, they’re not immune to wear and tear. One concern that arises among women with implants is the potential for a rupture. Whether you have silicone, saline, or newer hybrid options like Gummy Bear implants, understanding the signs of a rupture is vital. Here, we’ll explain how you can identify if your breast implants have ruptured and the expert solutions Dr. Preminger offers in NYC.

Signs of a Breast Implant Rupture

The symptoms can vary depending on the type of implant:

  1. Silicone Implants: These can be tricky because a rupture might not always be obvious, a situation often referred to as a “silent rupture.” Signs might include:
    • Changes in breast shape or size.
    • The breast becoming hard.
    • Pain, tingling, swelling, numbness, burning, or discomfort.
    • Lumps or unevenness in the affected breast.
  2. Saline Implants: When these rupture, the saline solution leaks out quickly and is absorbed by the body. Indicators include:
    • A noticeable decrease in breast size.
    • The breast appearing deflated.
  3. Gummy Bear Implants (Hybrid): Given their cohesive gel nature, the signs can resemble those of silicone implants, including shape changes and discomfort. However, the gel tends to remain closer to the rupture site, which may cause localized lumps or firmness.

Why Replace or Remove Both Implants?

If you’ve detected a rupture in one breast, it might seem logical to address only the affected implant. However, it’s recommended that both be addressed simultaneously. Why?

  • Symmetry: Ensuring that both breasts look and feel uniform is easier when working on both at the same time.
  • Aging and Wear: If one implant has issues, the other, being of the same age and wear, may soon follow. Addressing both can prevent future complications.

Your Choices with Dr. Preminger

Discovering a ruptured implant can be unsettling, but it also opens doors to various options:

  • Implant Type and Size: This is an opportunity to consider whether you’d like to switch from silicone to saline, or vice versa, or even explore the Gummy Bear option. You might also reconsider the size—perhaps you’re now looking for a more natural look or seeking more volume.
  • Breast Lift or Enhancement: A rupture repair can coincide with other procedures to further enhance your breast’s appearance. Dr. Preminger offers breast lifts, reshaping, and other cosmetic solutions that can be combined with the rupture repair.

While a breast implant rupture is concerning, it’s essential to remember that with the right guidance and care, it’s a manageable situation. If you suspect a rupture or simply want an expert’s opinion, reach out to Dr. Aviva Preminger in NYC. With a commitment to excellence, Dr. Preminger ensures your journey—from detection to recovery—is as seamless and empowering as possible.

For consultations or more information about the wide range of services offered, contact Dr. Aviva Preminger today.

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