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Botox is one of the most popular injectables in the U.S. and abroad. Used to dramatically reduce facial wrinkles and lines, the injections are well tolerated by patients and carry minimal side effects. Over the past decade, doctors have found interesting new uses for Botox, including the treatment of migraine headaches, persistent sweating and severe neck pain (cervical dystonia). But a new cosmetic treatment that reportedly perks up sagging breasts has generated concern among board certified plastic surgeons: it’s been dubbed the “Botox breast lift”. In this non-surgical procedure, Botox is injected into strategic points within the pectoralis minor chest muscle. Botox functions by temporarily paralyzing chest tissue in those muscles that pull down the breast. This, in turn, forces opposing muscles to strengthen, giving the bosom an added lift.

While some doctors say that “Breastox” gives women firmer, more youthful looking breasts, there remains skepticism about the usefulness of this procedure.

Breastox – a non-permanent treatment

An ASPS member surgeon from Chicago reviewed cases of women who underwent Breastox and the results were less than impressive. At a price tag of roughly $1,500, a Botox breast lift is not cheap, and women need to remember that the results are not permanent. Botox has a lifespan of up to 6 months, though the effects normally wind down substantially after three to four months.

Compare this with a traditional breast lift, which gives women a beautiful result that will last for more than a decade. Another important consideration is that Botox for breast lifting is not suitable for patients with very large or pendulous breasts (nothing bigger than a C cup). This precludes the vast majority of women who would seek this very treatment in the first place, as heavier breasts tend to droop and lose their elasticity much faster than smaller ones.

While there’s no doubt that bust-boosting procedures are more common than ever, not every woman is prepared to go under the knife for a traditional breast lift. Any type of surgical procedure that entails anesthesia will carry increased risks of complications and a longer recovery time. Thus, it’s crucial that patients weigh the pros and cons of a non-invasive treatment that will have to be repeated at great expense, or a one-time operation that delivers permanent results.

Some proponents believe that Breastox is ideal for women who want a “quick fix” for drooping boobs in preparation for a special social occasion or perhaps even a red carpet event. Because the treatment takes less than half an hour, leaves no scars and has zero downtime, it’s another makeover that can be scheduled on your lunch break.

Breast enhancement in Manhattan

Women who are unhappy with their post-pregnancy cleavage, have sagging breasts or are interested in breast augmentation have many options available. Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. B. Aviva Preminger offers a full complement of breast enhancing surgeries, and like her colleagues, has some reservations about this trendy yet unproven treatment.

“Botox injections in the chest cannot do what a traditional breast lift can achieve. Patients who are great candidates for a surgical breast lift have notable drooping and excess skin – issues which Botox cannot effectively address.”

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