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Pregnancy and motherhood can be an exciting time for many women. While moms love the experience of being a mother, they might not feel so overjoyed with how pregnancy changes their figure. If your breasts sag due to pregnancy or breastfeeding, a breast lift may be the solution you are looking for. Board-certified plastic surgeon in NYC, Dr. B. Aviva Preminger, wants to share the benefits of a breast lift after pregnancy.

What is a breast lift?

A breast lift involves removing excess skin from the breast area. Skin also is tightened, which lifts the breasts to a perkier position. The main reasons why women get breast lifts are due to sagging breasts either from pregnancy, breastfeeding, or dramatic weight loss. Both of which cause the chest skin to stretch and breast sagging.

A breast lift in Manhattan can help in the following ways:

  • Lift nipples and areolas that point downward
  • Correct breast asymmetry in which one breast hangs lower than the other
  • Reshape breasts that appear pendulous
  • Enhance flat breasts
  • Correct overall dissatisfaction with sagging breasts

Keep in mind, however, that a breast lift does not change breast size or volume. If that is what you desire, ask our celebrity plastic surgeon, Dr. B. Aviva Preminger, about breast augmentation. Many women opt to pair a breast lift and augmentation for the best results.

How to tell if you’re a good candidate for a breast lift

A breast lift is ideal for any woman with sagging breasts, regardless of what caused it. It is recommended that you wait to undergo a breast lift after you are done having children, and breastfeeding has stopped.

Other factors that make a good breast lift candidate include:

  • Non-smoker (smoking delays healing)
  • Good overall health
  • Maintain stable weight
  • Have a positive outlook and realistic expectations for surgery outcomes

The best way to know if you could benefit from a breast lift is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Preminger. Our office also offers telemedicine or virtual visits for your initial consultation. However, should you decide to move forward with surgery, you may be required to visit our practice for an in-person consultation.

What to expect with a breast lift

Part of deciding whether to get a breast lift involves understanding what to expect with the procedure. Dr. Preminger will discuss these factors and more in detail during your consultation. But, this information on the blog today will help prepare you.

A breast lift procedure usually takes between 2-3 hours, is performed under general anesthesia, yet it is an outpatient surgery. Risks include pain, asymmetry, and infection, although choosing a top-rated plastic surgeon in NYC will reduce those risks. After surgery, you can expect temporary swelling, bruising, tightness, and discomfort. Plan on returning to work within two weeks, although strenuous activities and exercise should be postponed for at least six weeks, maybe longer. Results should be permanent, baring any drastic changes in weight, or future pregnancies.

Breast Lift in Manhattan, New York City

Deciding to get a breast lift is a significant commitment. You may want to discuss your decision with your significant other or family. Ultimately, it is up to you whether you would like to get a breast lift. To learn more about this procedure, contact Preminger Plastic Surgery by calling (212) 706-1900 or schedule an appointment online.

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