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37 year old. Procedure included vertical breast lift/mastopexy along with tummy tuck and liposuction.

Breast lift surgery in Manhattan

Breast mastopexy, referred to by many as a breast lift, is a procedure designed to reshape and raise breasts that have begun to droop or sag, doing so without changing the patient’s overall breast volume. “Ptsosis” or drooping of the breasts is often caused by things such as aging, dramatic weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding and simple gravity, and a breast lift offers a safe, effective way for women to reclaim the shape and appearance they desire.

Breast Lift Procedure

Most breast lifts in New York are performed in outpatient facilities under general anesthesia. Variations in the technique used to achieve the desired results do exist, depending on the specific degree of drooping exhibited by the patient.

Designated excess skin is removed to relocate the nipple-areola complex. Any loss of volume is corrected with simple tissue rearrangement or insertion of an implant. Finally, the surrounding skin is arranged to create the new breast shape.


Some breast lift procedures require removal of excess skin via an incision made in the vicinity of the areola. NYC plastic surgeon, Dr. Preminger, will consider your current weight, recent weight loss history, age, and degree of ptosis (or “drooping”) and during the planning stages of your procedure so that there will be no surprises at the time of the big event!

A typical breast lift requires roughly 3-4 hours, though the actual length of your procedure will depend on the amount of reshaping desired and whether or not you decide to undergo a breast augmentation procedure on the same day. These two surgeries are often performed together, so as to achieve one of the best possible shaping and results.

Dr. Preminger is well known for performing breast lift procedures with auto augmentation, a procedure that uses your own tissue to lift and restore volume to the breasts. Talk to Dr. Preminger to determine whether you are good candidate for this type of breast lift.

37 year old. Procedure included vertical breast lift/mastopexy along with tummy tuck and liposuction.

Quick Facts


2-3 hours (depending on extent of procedure)




Usually outpatient


Pain, bleeding, infection, asymmetry


Temporary swelling, bruising, tightness and some pain


Back at work in 2 weeks
Resume light exercise at 2 weeks
Resume strenuous activity at 6 weeks
8-12 weeks for swelling to resolve



Primary reasons for having a breast lift procedure

  • To raise a drooping bust line to a higher position on the chest
  • To achieve a reduction in areola size
  • To restore firmness, volume and desired shape to breasts
  • To lift and reposition downward pointing nipples
  • To correct a pendulous appearance of breasts
  • To lessen the appearance of asymmetrical breasts

Preparation for breast lift

NYC plastic surgeon Dr. Preminger is committed to developing a collaborative relationship with patients in order to help you make sound decisions about your chosen procedure and achieve one of the best possible outcome.

In your consultation, you will have an opportunity to discuss the potential benefits of not only a breast lift but also consider other procedures including breast implants or even reduction that may also work to achieve your desired result. You will also learn about the various techniques, as well as incision placement options that will work best for you.

During the consultation, you will also have a comprehensive review of your personal medical history to help determine whether you are an appropriate candidate for plastic surgery.  The strongest candidates

for breast lift surgery tend to maintain a constant, healthy weight and who are realistic about what the procedure is likely to do for them.

A healthy circulatory system is vital to reduce risks and expedite healing. Women who are known to have difficulty tolerating anesthesia will be advised accordingly and may be encouraged to seek alternatives to cosmetic surgery. Complications however are generally rare.

While every patient is different, it is usually best for women to postpone breast lift surgery until they know they have completed their childbearing and breastfeeding years. Though this type of procedure will not prevent or negatively affect a woman’s ability to become pregnant or to breastfeed future children, the sagging that prompted the desire to undergo the breast lift in the first place stands a greater chance of reoccurring.

"A breast lift is actually a broad description for a procedure that produces a wide variety of results. Though the goal is to achieve a natural look, the effects are often quite dramatic. It's a real life-changer for many women!"

- B. Aviva Preminger, MD

Recovery & results after breast lift surgery

Once your procedure is complete, you will need to wear bandages over the incisions until you attend a follow-up appointment a day or two later. At this time, the doctor will check for appropriate signs of progress and ensure that infection has not occurred. It is quite normal to feel a bit of discomfort initially, and it is recommended that patients wear a supportive, underwire bra to aid in healing. Mild to moderate pain may be experienced and can be treated with conventional pain medications.

While strenuous activities are not advised for approximately six weeks post-surgery, the majority of patients are able to return to work roughly 1-2 weeks after the operation. Bruising and swelling may persist for multiple weeks following your breast lift procedure and should not be cause for alarm. Decreased nipple sensitivity is also not uncommon, and is typically only temporary in nature. In time, the breasts will begin to assume the firm, lifted appearance this procedure was intended to create.

It should be noted that scarring from mastopexy surgery can be significant for some patients, and in rare cases, may be permanent. However, most patients do find that the scars from their procedure continue to fade over time to the point where they have become essentially unnoticeable to others. The benefits of breast lift surgery can last for years, offering a dramatic boost in self-confidence for patients of all types. Though some women may elect to have a second “touch-up” mastopexy procedure years later, a repeat of the full procedure is rarely necessary.

Breast Lift in New York City

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Preminger and the ways in which she can help you regain a firmer, more youthful look through breast lift surgery, contact her Manhattan office at 212.706.1900 to schedule a private consultation.


Video Transcription:

[Dr. Preminger] For the right candidate this type of a breast lift with auto augmentation is one of one of the best procedures we can offer and its actually one of my favorite procedures to do. Because what we can do is actually use your own tissue to fill out and lift the breasts.  The results are amazing and basically avoid the use of the prosthesis or an implant. So it’s very natural and it’s all you.

[Patient] Dr. Preminger was I thought very imaginative when she was doing the work on my breasts. We both vehemently agreed that I was not a candidate for an implant. I just was not happy with the idea of doing an implant. I don’t like the way they look. I didn’t think that was for me.  Certainly not at my age. I wanted something that looked right on me and she said, “We’re going to figure this one out.”

I don’t really understand what she did but I gather she did something quite ingenious, where she removed what little fat I had left from my back and pulled it around front. And then salvaged whatever little breast tissue I had left and she created something. The breasts she gave me look 100% natural and I think are totally gorgeous. The results, they’re far surpassed my expectations.  Overjoyed. I thought what she did was amazing… imaginative… I can’t say enough good things about it.

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