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A recent study shows that some plastic surgeons have the ability to accurately estimate a patient’s age by analyzing only a photograph. The study is noted for addressing “an issue that is important to facial plastic surgeons and reveals how the results of rejuvenation procedures can be assessed.”

Plastic surgery study prompted by lack of scientific tools

The JAMA Network wanted to take a close look at how facial plastic surgeons evaluate patients to determine possible aesthetic improvements. Subjective elements such as beauty, degree of rejuvenation and perceived age were considered. These are critical components in determining what kind of cosmetic procedures will be recommended to a patient.

This study provides a more scientifically rigorous overview of how plastic surgeons view patients and treatment. While there are numerous treatment options that have proven to be safe, reliable and effective, there remains a question of how individual perception effects ultimate results when it comes to cosmetic procedures.

Results of the plastic surgery study

A group of facial plastic surgeons (7 in total participated in the study) were given 70 photographs of actual patients and were required to write down the perceived age of each patient. Researchers discovered that the average estimates from any 3 plastic surgeons were within 10 months of the given subject’s chronological age. Finding a consistent correlation between the age estimates of a plastic surgeon and a patient’s actual age will provide a firm statistical foundation for future scientific research into plastic surgery outcomes, including patient satisfaction rates.

Finding the right facial plastic surgeon

Plastic surgery is an art as much as a science, and patients want to choose a surgeon with a aesthetic eye who gets artistic, natural-looking results.

On Manhattan’s famed Park Avenue, there is a boutique practice focused on just these kinds of results, matching an expert plastic surgeon’s visions to patient expectations. NYC plastic surgeon Dr. B. Aviva Preminger fulfills this common vision through attention to detail, clear communication and the highest level of expertise. Please call today to schedule a private one-on-one consultation.

Facial plastic surgery research

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