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Losing weight and pregnancy can change the physical look of your body, specifically in the abdominal area. It is common to seek solutions that will help return your body to a leaner version without excess skin or fat pockets. A tummy tuck will help remove unwanted excess fat and skin from your middle and lower abdomen while tightening the abdominal wall muscles. If you live in the Upper East Side of Manhattan or New York City, a tummy tuck could be your ticket to total body confidence.

One of the most common questions about tummy tucks is how fast a patient can return to their regularly scheduled exercise routine or other physical activities. While each patient is different and recovery times can vary, below are some guidelines to follow after a tummy tuck

Follow Post-Op Instructions

As with any surgical procedure, you must follow any instructions provided by your surgeon. Although you may be eager to return to your active lifestyle, patience is key. Once the procedure is completed, your surgeon will provide a compression garment to promote proper blood flow, as well as any necessary medications and specific post-op care instructions.

The provided instructions should be followed completely, which includes getting adequate rest, taking your medication, and returning to your regular active lifestyle as directed by your doctor. If you choose not to follow the instructions, you risk damaging the surgical area, which will result in a longer recovery period. Here are some general guidelines to follow after having a tummy tuck.


One of the most important parts of the healing process is to take things slow. You can resume light exercise about two weeks following your tummy tuck. Walking helps promote blood flow and is a low-intensity activity that can help with the healing process. Also, since you will be lying down or sitting for long periods of time, walking will provide general exercise for your whole body and reduce pain and stiffness in joints.

Regular and Core Workouts

Since there is an extensive amount of work with the abdomen wall during a tummy tuck, it is recommended that workouts are avoided until at least 6-8 weeks after the operation. You can speak with your Manhattan area plastic surgeon about returning to low impact cardiovascular activities provided there were no complications during surgery or the healing process. Any activity that is strenuous and focuses on your core is not allowed for a minimum of three months after your surgery to ensure proper healing. However, speak with Dr. Preminger regarding an appropriate timeframe for your case.

Risk and Concerns

Ignoring these specific instructions from your board-certified plastic surgeon in NYC puts you at a higher risk of causing damage to the surgical site. When taking pain medications, you may feel that you can move more fluidly, and therefore, you can undermine the extent of your muscle movements, causing undue stress on the surgical site and surrounding muscles.

Preminger Plastic Surgery recommends that you attend all follow-up visits to ensure proper healing of the surgical and abdominal area. Dr. Preminger will inform you of the perfect time to return to your core exercises, including leg lifts, planks, and abdominal workouts.

Tummy Tuck in Manhattan

When you opt for body contouring using the tummy tuck method, it is critical that you choose a board-certified physician with the proper training to provide you with the best results. Each patient is different and will heal according to their body, but following the outlined advice will provide you with the best results. Call our office (212) 706-1900 if you are in the Upper East Side of Manhattan or New York City to schedule a consultation and learn which body contouring procedure is right for you.

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