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Many people who consider plastic surgery in Manhattan get excited about the idea of it, what their results will be, and how confident they will be with their new appearance. But, some will never follow through with their dream of plastic surgery because they simply do not know where to start. It’s taking the first step, and knowing what comes next, that can help give those hesitant to go under the knife, the boost that they need.

A NYC plastic surgeon Dr. B. Aviva Preminger would like to share steps to a new you, in hopes that you will gather information here today to help you feel confident about moving forward with your plastic surgery.


Most importantly, do your research to find a board-certified plastic surgeon in Manhattan that can confidently deliver the results that you are looking for, and in a safe manner. Use the Internet to browse online reviews, and search for before and after photos showcasing results provided by the surgeon you are considering. Any reputable plastic surgeon you choose should be proud to showcase these photos. Also consider speaking with friends or family that may have experience with cosmetic or plastic surgery procedures. You can gain insight into their experience when it comes to choosing the right surgeon for you.

Call Dr. Preminger for a Consultation

Dr. Preminger runs an upscale, boutique plastic surgery practice located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. She is highly respected in the plastic surgery community, having been a published author, and leader in her industry. Her Ivy League education is unparalleled, and she genuinely cares for the needs of her patients. To schedule a consultation, call (866) 201-9828.

Prepare for Your Consultation

Be sure to arrive about 15 minutes early to your appointment to complete necessary paperwork and a health history form. Once you meet with Dr. Preminger, she will review your health history, as well as discuss your desires for plastic surgery and achieving a gorgeous new look. She will provide you with the options best suited for you, as well as answers to any questions that you may have regarding your procedure and post-op care and recovery.

Pre-Operative Appointment

Next, you may come back for a pre-operative or pre-op appointment in which Dr. Preminger will discuss in detail what to expect in your upcoming procedure. We also will take before photographs so that we can compare later with your final results. There may also be supplements or special scar minimizing creams that you may need to get this day to have ready for after your surgery. Additional forms such as a release form or consent form may need to be completed and signed at this appointment.

One Week Before Surgery

The big day is almost here! It is important when facing a surgical procedure that you take care of yourself by eating a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Try to avoid foods that cause inflammatory responses in the body, and avoid using tobacco. Drink plenty of water every day, and make sure that your fridge and pantry are stocked with healthy foods and plenty of water to consume following your surgery.

Surgery Day

Surgery day has arrived! Any final forms will be completed, and you will be brought back to a surgical room to be prepped for your procedure. You will meet with Dr. Preminger once more to review your surgery, and then anesthesia can be administered. At the conclusion of your surgery, we will advise the person who brought you on how and what needs to take place once you arrive home. Special care instructions will be provided so that you and your caregiver will know how to clean and care for your incision site, as well as what you should eat and drink following surgery.


Be sure to get plenty of rest, and have a trusted individual stay with you for the remainder of the day at least. You may need someone to get your food, water, or any medications, as you will be drowsy from the anesthesia still. You will have your first post-op appointment roughly a week to 10 days following your surgery. Do not miss this appointment! Dr. Preminger will assess your incision to make sure it is healing properly, and check to see how you are feeling as well. Another post-op appointment will occur approximately 6-8 weeks following surgery. This is typically the last appointment and the one where we see the most profound results! Photos will be taken to compare with your pre-surgery body. You will love your transformation!

Plastic Surgeon in Manhattan

At Preminger Plastic Surgery, Dr. B. Aviva Preminger and her staff have the training and experience to complete cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery with maximum comfort and convenience for you, while yielding beautiful results that will have you awestruck at the changes in your appearance. The first step is scheduling a consultation to determine which surgical option is best for you. You should be in good overall health to undergo any plastic surgery, and the ideal candidates for this treatment are non-smokers. Call our office at (866) 201-9828 to make your appointment today.

Located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City, Preminger Plastic Surgery is proud to offer world-class services in plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures.

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