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A labiaplasty is a procedure that has become popular in recent years due to its many benefits. This surgery is designed to correct labia (vaginal lips) that have become stretched or loose due to age or childbirth. If you suffer embarrassment or physical discomfort from these changes to your body, here are five reasons why labiaplasty may be the right choice for you.

Reduce Pain and Irritation

When labia protrudes or is enlarged, it can cause irritation due to the friction of the skin. This irritation can even become painful in some cases. Chronic irritation may lead to an infection. Issues with hygiene may begin as this area becomes sore and inflamed, which creates the perfect environment to start an infection. Since a labiaplasty removes excess skin, your New York City boutique plastic surgeon can eliminate unwanted irritation through this procedure.

Feel Confident and Comfortable

Not only can a protruding labia cause discomfort, but it can also affect your physical appearance by creating a bulge when wearing clothing that is tight fitting. If you are too embarrassed or unable to wear certain types of clothing like bathing suits, workout pants, or other tight-fitting garments because of your protruding labia, consider labiaplasty. By removing excess labia, you will feel comfortable and confident to wear anything that you want.

Become Active

For some women, protruding or enlarged labia prevents them from participating in certain activities such as exercise or sports. Not only can certain types of physical activity increase the friction of the enlarged or protruding labia, but it can also feel uncomfortable wearing clothes necessary to participate in these activities. If you have given up an active lifestyle, it is time to regain your confidence and your health again! A labiaplasty can reduce the size of your labia so that you can enjoy activities or sports again.

Improve Sex Life

There is no doubt that changes to your vaginal area may impact your sex life or intimacy with your partner. Not only do these changes make you feel self-conscious, but it can even make sex feel uncomfortable or painful. Excess labia tissue can also decrease sensation in your vaginal area, making sex less pleasurable. The results of a labiaplasty mean that you can enjoy sex again, and do so with more confidence than before.

Improve Confidence

It is common for people to feel self-conscious about their body. This is even more so when it involves the vaginal area. If you do not feel good about your body, specifically your genital area, then you are likely to avoid certain types of clothing, activities, or intimacy. No one should have to live life feeling this way. This is why a labiaplasty can change your life dramatically, and restore your confidence in yourself.

Labiaplasty in Manhattan

If you are ready to get your confidence back and would like to learn more about a labiaplasty, contact Preminger Plastic Surgery by calling (212) 706-1900 to schedule your consultation. Dr. B. Aviva Preminger is a woman that understands how important self-confidence can be. Located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City, Dr. Preminger is proud to offer world-class services in plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery.

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