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Weight loss to any degree is an accomplishment and can boost your self-confidence. But, significant weight loss can result in loose or sagging skin, especially if you lose weight quickly like with gastric bypass surgery. As you age, your skin loses elasticity, and once it has been stretched out due to weight gain, it isn’t able to go back after you lose weight. Body sculpting after gastric bypass in Manhattan could be the final step to complete your transformation.

Dr. B. Aviva Preminger, a well-known plastic surgeon in Manhattan, offers hand-tailored body contouring treatments to remove or tighten loose skin and reduce stubborn pockets of fat. Whether you are looking to improve the look of your arms, thighs, abdomen, hips, or buttocks,

Dr. Preminger has four reasons why you should get body contouring after significant weight loss:

Feel better

Losing weight can make you feel better physically, but the excess skin that is left over may be uncomfortable. Excess skin may cause rashes or irritation that results in physical discomfort. Body contouring not only remedies this problem, but it even knocks a few marks off the scale since excess skin can weigh you down by as much as 10-15 additional pounds.

Look better

Excess skin may be concealed underneath clothing, but when you take off your clothes in an intimate setting or are wearing summer attire that is more revealing, your sagging skin may be noticeable to others. Also, if you have any remaining pockets of fat, liposuction may be an ideal way to help you get even closer to your goal.

Workout easier

Exercising is a necessary part of maintaining your new weight, and you probably don’t want anything holding you back now. Body contouring can help you move more comfortably and freely. Sagging skin can get in the way when working out. Not to mention, it can cause excess sweating, or rub together, causing uncomfortable rashes or sore spots from friction.

Improved self-confidence

Losing a significant amount of weight can undoubtedly make you feel more confident. But, if you’re hiding loose, sagging skin under your clothes, or still find that you wear clothes that cover specific areas of your body because of excess skin, then body contouring could help improve your self-confidence. Complete your weight loss with body contouring and get your confidence back!

Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss in Manhattan

If you have dropped a significant amount of weight, yet have sagging skin, it’s time that you complete your look with body contouring. When you meet with Dr. Preminger in her boutique practice, you will feel confident in her skills and abilities as a plastic surgeon. Click here to learn more about body contouring and how Dr. Preminger could help you in this endeavor.

You want to look and feel your best, and not let all of your hard work be for not. Preminger Plastic Surgery can help make it happen. For more information about body contouring after weight loss, call our office at (212) 706-1900 to schedule your initial consultation.

Located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Preminger Plastic Surgery is here to serve patients throughout New York City.

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