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While it is more common to hear women express their desire for bigger breasts, there are also a considerable number of females who wish their breasts were smaller. Regardless of how they may look, large breasts can be a burden. For some, they can even be a course of physical limitation and discomfort. More and more women are discovering the relief and advantages of breast reduction surgery, a procedure that is sometimes covered by your insurance and was performed over 110,000 times in 2019 according to American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Here are some typical and valid reasons why women seek breast reduction from a skilled plastic surgeon:

Painful Breasts

When your breasts are very large or too big for the rest of your body, the physical pain can extend beyond your actual breasts. In fact, you may be have chronic back pain, shoulder pain or neck pain due to the excess weight at your breasts. Telltale signs that your large breasts are causing physical harm are tender indentions where your bra strap is worn as well as irritating rashes in the underside folds of your breasts. Such symptoms can be documented and used to have your breast reduction surgery covered by insurance.

Limited Workouts

For some women, even the most supportive sports bra is not enough to keep you confident and secure while exercising. If you avoid running or jumping due to your large breasts, it may be time to consider a breast reduction. Oversized breasts can even make certain movements difficult during your workout, such as crossing your arms while lifting weights or performing specific yoga poses.

Low Self-Confidence

Just like breasts that are too small, breasts are too large can lead to low self-esteem and poor confidence. In fact, many women believe their large breasts make them look overweight, despite their waist size. If you resort to baggy clothing or hiding your breasts due to embarrassment, a breast reduction is a simple and permanent solution.

Asymmetrical or Sagging Breasts

Symmetry is important to overall beauty. This doesn’t just apply to your face. If your breasts are not evenly sized or positioned, it can be a threat to your self-confidence and attraction. Did you know that a breast reduction procedure can change the volume and form of each specific breast. This procedure can also be used to address large, sagging breasts. You can achieve smaller and perkier (lifted) breasts with a breast reduction surgery.

Think a breast reduction is right for you? Call Preminger MD to schedule your consultation. We have a renowned breast plastic surgeon who can help you feel more confident in your chest.

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