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Deciding to undergo breast augmentation is a significant decision, usually full of questions and concerns for most patients. From the size of the implants to what to expect during recovery, these variables should be discussed with your plastic surgeon so that you can achieve the best results. Your board-certified plastic surgeon in New York City, Dr. Aviva Preminger at Preminger Plastic Surgery is sharing four facts about breast augmentation.

Implants Are Not All the Same

Breast implants come in various sizes, textures, profiles, and filling materials. Most implants are sized using cubic centimeters or CCs. Although two implants could have the same CC size, if their profile or texture varies from the other implant, you could experience visual variations in your results. One concern for patients seeking breast augmentation in New York City is the profile of the implant. The profile is determined by how much the implant will project from the chest wall providing varying widths that affect how high the implant should sit on your chest. Profiles can vary from low to ultra-high, and Dr. Aviva Preminger will help assist in choosing the best profile based on your body frame and overall goals.

Bigger Does Not Mean Better

Most patients that are interested in breast augmentation desire to increase the fullness or shape of their breasts. Typically, this means patients request a significantly large implant that may not be conducive to their body frame. Complications could arise with larger implants as there may not be enough tissue to cover the implant or sensation could be lost. Also, larger implants are heavier and could create back problems or premature sagging, while smaller implants typically maintain a natural look without risking comfort. To ensure your satisfaction with your results, schedule a consultation with a top-rated celebrity breast augmentation surgeon in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, such as Dr. Preminger.

Preview Your Results Before Surgery

With specialized computer software called Crisalix, Dr. Aviva Preminger can provide a glimpse of your results during your consultation. Crisalix allows you to see what you would look like after your surgery, which could ease concerns and ensure you will receive your desired look with breast implants when the surgery is complete.

Breast Implants Need Regular Care

Once your breast augmentation is complete, following all post-op instructions is important to ensure a smooth recovery.

Important factors to remember for immediately after your surgery are to:

  • Take time to rest
  • Avoid strenuous activity until you are cleared by your surgeon
  • Avoid direct sunlight, as this can make scaring more noticeable
  • Eat a healthy diet

After your recovery, be sure that you wear a supportive bra each day to prevent sagging. Also, it is recommended that your breasts are examined every two years using an MRI or an ultrasound machine to ensure there are no signs of weakened areas or ruptures.

Breast Augmentation in the Upper East Side of Manhattan and New York City

Having breast augmentation surgery is a big decision with many things to consider. If you are interested in breast augmentation, your New York City breast augmentation surgeon, Dr. Aviva Preminger at Preminger Plastic Surgery recommends that you schedule a consultation to discuss what options are available to create your desired look. Feel free to contact Preminger Plastic Surgery by calling (212) 706-1900 or requesting a consultation online.

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