Tips on Telling Family about your Plastic Surgery

telling family about your plastic surgery

telling family about your plastic surgeryNew York City, NY

Big decisions in life require the support and help of family members. Plastic surgery is no different as it alters your physical appearance, whether slightly or drastically. It can be challenging to express personal insecurities to others, and some may question your decision to have plastic surgery. Some family members may disagree with your choice, but it is essential to seek your family’s support when considering plastic surgery. You will need their emotional support through the process as well as their physical assistance after surgery. Preminger Plastic Surgery understands the importance of informing family members of this significant decision, so on today’s blog, we are sharing a few tips on how to tell those closest to you about your plastic surgery.

Things to Consider

  • Talk With Your Spouse: Before making any decision about altering your appearance, we recommend speaking with your spouse. Whether it be rhinoplasty or breast augmentation, your spouse needs to be informed of what to expect through the process. It’s also helpful if your spouse is on board as the surgery will make a physical difference in your appearance. Plus, you will probably need your spouse’s support during and after your surgery.
  • Explain Your Reasons: When sharing your decision with family, be open and honest. Share how you feel about the area of concern regarding your physical appearance and how it affects your self-confidence. If they already know how you feel, they may be quicker to offer support. However, other family members may need to know “why” you are making the decision and may want to ask more questions. Take the time to answer their questions, so it eases their minds about their concerns. Finally, express your feelings about how the change will affect your personal and professional life.
  • Medical Problems: When you explain your medical needs, how the condition affects your quality of life now, and the need or desire for surgery, it can help your loved ones understand the reason for your decision. If they see an opportunity for you to feel better and improve your quality of life, most families would be happy to give you support.
  • Speak With a Plastic Surgeon: It can be easier to talk to your family about something when you have the answers to their questions. Therefore, when you schedule a consultation with your plastic surgeon in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, be sure to ask any questions you have about the process. Dr. Preminger will provide any information you may need to make an informed decision and ways to discuss your decision with family.
  • Find a Convenient Time: Discussing a life-changing decision with family is not a matter to be taken lightly or rushed. In the instance of plastic surgery, privacy could be a concern as well. Therefore, try to schedule a time with family to meet in a quiet, private area where there is plenty of time for you to share your decision and answer their questions. You can decide to tell them all at once or individually as your comfort level allows.

Plastic Surgery in the Upper East Side of Manhattan and New York City

Family support through your plastic surgery process will be important. Therefore, Preminger Plastic Surgery recommends speaking with them beforehand. If you or a family member have a question about your procedure, feel free to call (212) 706-1900 for more information. However, if you are conducting research and have been thinking about plastic surgery but still have some reservations, feel free to call your board-certified plastic surgeon in New York City, Dr. Aviva Preminger, today for a consultation.