Transform These 5 Problem Areas with Lipo in NYC

Transform These 5 Problem Areas with Lipo in NYC

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Body contouring procedures have advanced significantly over the past decade, with the help of laser-assisted liposuction. This cutting-edge treatment works best on patients who have localized collections of body fat. Generally speaking, liposuction can be viewed as more of a refining instrument rather than a means to drop drastic amounts of weight.

If you have isolated problem areas, whether love handles, flabby underarms or a potbelly that you just can’t seem to get rid of with diet and exercise, liposuction in NYC may just be the answer. In capable hands, liposculpture delivers fantastic results with very little downtime!

5 body parts that can benefit from lipo

Though liposuction is most often associated with slimming waistlines, flattening tummies, defining arms and contouring inner and outer thighs, there are other perceived “problem areas” that can also benefit from this procedure.

Everyone struggles with their own body imperfections – some inherited and others related to lifestyle. For example, certain drugs have been tied to abnormal breast growth in men (gynecomastia), and thousands of ladies inherited their mother’s thick ankles. In many cases, lipo is an ideal way to address these stubborn areas while avoiding more invasive surgeries.

Liposuction may be the solution for these unexpected areas:

  • Overly large breasts Breast reduction surgery is typically the go-to procedure for large, pendulous bosoms that cause neck and back pain. But some women may only need a small amount of excess tissue removed, which can be done with liposuction, a much less invasive surgery that is virtually scar-free and can be performed under local or twilight sedation.
  • Cankles – When your calf extends straight down to your ankle with no discernable narrowing, you might have cankles. The good news is that you can achieve more feminine, elegant lines with the aid of laser lipo in the lower leg and ankle area.
  • Sagging jowls – Nothing ages you faster than a sagging jawline, caused by fat deposits that accumulate under the chin and lower cheeks. Zap that double chin and shave years off your appearance with liposculpting under the jawline.
  • Male breast growth – Gynecomastia is an uncomfortable problem for thousands of men, who may feel too embarrassed to enjoy summer sports or intimacy with a loved one sans T-shirt. This condition, which may result from medication, hormone imbalances or simple genetics – can be remedied quickly and effectively with lipo.
  • Back and torso fat – Bulges under your bra line and around the lower back can be so irritating for women, especially those who hit the gym and eat right. Unfortunately, these nagging problem areas will not disappear without a trip to your plastic surgeon. Liposuction promises uninterrupted curves in all the right places!

New York City plastic surgeon

A highly respected female plastic surgeon in Manhattan, Dr. B. Aviva Preminger offers both traditional and laser-assisted liposuction in her Park Avenue surgical suite. As a mother of three, Dr. Preminger is attuned to the needs of women, especially those who are trying to whip their bodies back into pre-baby shape.

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