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Skin Lesions Removal

Millions of people are diagnosed with skin cancer every year. While it is the most prevalent type of cancer, skin cancer can be effectively treated when detected in the early stages. There are many different types of skin lesions that are either cancerous or pre-cancerous. Skin lesion removal is an effective treatment to eliminate the cancer cells and prevent spread to other areas of the body. Dr. Aviva Preminger is a highly experienced plastic surgeon in Manhattan who offers skin cancer plastic surgery.

There are multiple types of skin cancer that can cause lesions. Basal cell, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma are the main types of skin cancer, and each can appear on the skin in different ways. Skin lesions and moles that grow quickly or change in size, color or shape should always be examined and diagnosed by a doctor. Removal is the primary treatment for most skin cancer lesions, from excision of precancerous moles to Mohs surgery for skin cancer that is deep within the skin tissue.

Skin Cancer Plastic Surgery

If you are diagnosed with any type of skin cancer or precancerous skin lesions, removal of the lesion is likely the first step in treatment. Your doctor or dermatologist will recommend the best course of treatment, but a plastic surgeon can perform the needed skin lesion removal. Dr. Preminger is an Ivy league-trained plastic surgeon with an excellent reputation for her surgical skills and expertise. She can perform skin cancer plastic surgery to effectively remove the cancerous lesion while reducing scarring. In some cases, skin grafting or reconstruction may be needed to restore the skin or facial features after the skin cancer removal.

While many doctors and dermatologists can remove cancerous or precancerous skin lesions, they may not have the expertise to prevent visible scarring or disfigurement. An experienced, board certified plastic surgeon, like Dr. Preminger, can perform the skin lesion removal and restore the appearance of the skin and tissue after the procedure. To schedule a skin lesion removal consultation with Dr. Preminger, contact our office on the Upper East Side in NYC to book your appointment.

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