Patient Education Videos

“Choosing the right plastic surgeon is so important. I hope these videos help you make an informed decision.”

B Aviva Preminger MD

Patient Education Videos

“I do my best and I believe that patients should be fully informed about and comfortable with what I do and any procedure they want performed. I hope these videos help you make an informed decision.”

Patient Education Videos


Labiaplasty Procedure
and Expected Recovery Time.


Who Can Benefit the Most From the Procedure


Mommy Makeover:
Benefits, Surgery and Recovery


Rhinoplasty Surgery and
the Way to Your Ideal Nose


Fat Reduction
Treatment Options


Puffy Eye
Treatment Options


How is a Breast
Augmentation Performed?


Breast Augmentation Surgery
Round Silicone Implants Before & After


Breast Augmentation


Breast Lift
Before and After


Why Would Someone
Have a Breast Reduction?


How Do I Consider When
Choosing a Plastic Surgeon?


Eyelid Lift Surgery Before & After
What Is a Blepharoplasty?


Surgical Removal of Excess Skin
After Weight Loss


How Can I Reduce
Underarm Fat


Mommy Makeover Results
Before & After Photos


How Can I Improve the
Appearance of my Neck?


Torn Earlobes
Why it Happens and How They’re Repaired