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Lip Dermal Fat Grafting

Fat is what gives your lips volume and creates the plump appearance. When lips are thinner or flat, lip augmentation procedures are used to add volume under the skin, creating fuller, sensuous lips. The longest-lasting and natural option for lip augmentation is the use of fat grafting to increase volume and plump the lips. Dr. Aviva Preminger offers lip dermal fat grafting for lip enhancement at her plastic surgery clinic in Manhattan.

Thinner or flatter lips can be caused by genetics, but it is common for lips to become thinner with age. Facial fat loss, including in the lips, is part of the aging process, resulting in thinner skin and lips. While you can use facial filler injections to add volume to the lips, the results are temporary, and the injections must be repeated to maintain the results. Dermal fat grafting uses your own fat stores to plump your lips with long-lasting results.

Add Volume to Your Lips

Lip dermal fat grafting is a surgical procedure that uses harvested fat from your own body to plump your lips. For dermal fat grafting, a small strip of skin and the fatty dermal layer beneath is harvested from the abdomen or buttocks. The strip is placed inside the lip and shaped to provide the shape and volume desired. Another option is fat injections, which are similar. The first step is harvesting a small amount of fat from another area of the body, usually the abdomen, which is filtered and purified to be used in the lip fat injection procedure.

Fat grafting or injections can provide the plump lips you want with lasting results. While not all the fat that is transferred to the lips will survive, you can enjoy a fuller appearance for many years to come without the need for additional treatments.

If you want a permanent solution for adding lip volume, consider the benefits of lip dermal fat grafting. To learn more about fat transfers for lip augmentation, contact the office of Aviva Preminger, M.D. on the UES to schedule your lip enhancement consultation with Dr. Preminger.

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