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Ear Reshaping Surgery

Approximately 30% of children are born with misshapen ears. This can be a subtle folding of the cartilage or there may be a more pronounced deformity. The ear cartilage is very pliable in newborn infants due to the high estrogen levels. The ears can be misshaped from pressure on the ears in the womb. If the ears are not reshaped right after birth, children can grow up with misshapen ears. Dr. Aviva Preminger offers ear reshaping surgery to improve the balance and contour of misshapen ears.

Ears can function perfectly even when misshapen, but it can impact the confidence of the individual. Deformed ears can be a source of teasing for children, and people of all ages can be very self-conscious of their misshapen ears. If the deformity is severe, it may impact wearing glasses or headphones. Plastic surgery can be used to reshape the ears to achieve a natural, symmetrical appearance, as well as improve the function for wearing glasses, earrings and other ear devices.

Achieve a Balanced Ear Contour

Dr. Preminger is a board certified and Ivy League-trained plastic surgeon with an excellent reputation for her expertise and surgical artistry. Ear reshaping surgery is one of the more intricate plastic surgeries, requiring extensive surgical skill and precise molding of the tissue. Some ear reshaping procedures require cartilage grafting, which involves removing cartilage from another area of the body, like the ribs, to use on the ears. These procedures can be very complex, but Dr. Preminger is one of the best plastic surgeons in NYC, offering incredible, natural-appearing results for her ear reshaping patients.

If you have lived with misshapen ears all your life or your child has an ear deformity, ear reshaping surgery may be an option to achieve a balanced, symmetrical ear contour. Children can undergo ear plastic surgery once their ears are fully formed, which is around age five. If you want to learn more about ear reshaping surgery for kids, teens or adults, contact our team at the practice of Aviva Preminger, MD in Upper East Side Manhattan to schedule your ear reshaping consultation.

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