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C-Section Scar Removal

When Cesarean section is the best option for child birth, it requires a surgical incision across the lower abdomen. While some C-section scars are low enough to hide beneath the bikini line, not everyone has a discreet scar. If you had a C-section and are unhappy with the appearance of your scar, there are options available for C-section scar removal. Dr. Aviva Preminger is a board certified plastic surgeon who offers C-section scar revision at her practice in UES Manhattan.

C-section scars vary in position and how they heal. Some surgeons will use a horizontal incision, which can be easier to hide or position below the bikini line. Other surgeons will perform a vertical incision that extends from the pubic area to the belly button, which is more visible. Regardless of the position, not all C-section scars heal the same. While a flat scar is desirable, some C-section scars are hypertrophic, meaning they are raised or thick in appearance. Others may cause an indentation in the tissue, causing a malformed abdomen. To address vertical, hypertrophic or indented C-section scars, Dr. Preminger can perform scar revision surgery to improve the abdomen and skin appearance.

C-Section Scar Surgery

While some C-section scars can be minimized with laser treatments or topical medications, vertical and noticeable scars may require surgical revision. The technique used depends on the position of the scar and other contributing factors. A horizontal scar that is located too high can be moved lower to below the bikini line. For raised or thick scars, revision surgery to remove scar tissue to flatten and minimize the scar can be used. Indented scars may require fat and tissue removal around the scar to flatten the stomach.

Some patients may benefit from a tummy tuck or mini tummy tuck with their C-section scar removal procedure. This can remove the scar tissue, move the incision lower and tighten the skin on the abdomen. Liposuction or other fat removal procedures can be used to flatten an indented scar and the stomach for an overall improved appearance.

Each C-section scar removal procedure is personalized to the patient and their desired result. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your C-section scar, there are solutions to improve your abdomen post-pregnancy. Contact us at Aviva Preminger, M.D. to schedule a scar revision consultation with Dr. Preminger. Call our office on Park Avenue in NYC to book your appointment.

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