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When you look into buying a car, you look at its previous owners and any past incidents. Even with a brand new car, you look at ratings. Is this new car safe? Does it have any common complaints? However, many people don’t do this much research when it comes to their doctors. It’s scary to think that your doctor may not be very credible. They may be a fully accredited doctor, but they may not specialize in your needs. This can be a particularly disturbing notion if your medical practitioner is performing a surgical procedure. Plastic surgery is not an exception to this rule. It should be a top priority to find a board-certified plastic surgeon, like Dr. B. Aviva Preminger in Manhattan, who also specializes in your area of interest.

Preminger Plastic Surgery has five reasons why you should choose a board-certified plastic surgeon for your procedure:

  1. Training: A board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Preminger always will have comprehensive training. With three years of surgical training and two years of plastic surgery training required to become certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, an ABPS-certified doctor will have all of the educational hands-on experience required to maintain your safety and reduce your risk of complications.
  2. Testing: Once a surgeon has gone through years of surgical training to become an American Board of Plastic Surgery-certified doctor, he or she also must pass multiple written or oral exams. With extensive knowledge of the inner workings of plastic surgery, these physicians are proven by rigorous testing.
  3. Education: School training and testing isn’t a step a surgeon can skip. However, there is education your plastic surgeon should have that goes beyond medical school. Plastic surgeons must meet the American Board of Plastic Surgery standards and continue their education past their five years of training. At Preminger Plastic Surgery, we pride ourselves on continuing education to keep up to date on the newest trends, technologies, research, and techniques in plastic surgery. Staying engaged in lifelong learning is part of Dr. Preminger’s set of personal goals.
  4. Aesthetics: Surgical training is important, but there are other factors that solely apply to plastic surgery. You’ll need a doctor who understands aesthetic expertise. Dr. Preminger’s experience and expertise allow her to be able to recommend the best procedure for each patient. She can recommend a breast lift over an enhancement, for example, knowing it will meet your aesthetic goals. When you envision your dream body, it’s important for your physician to be able to see a way to bridge your realities to your desires. Aesthetics are why you come to a plastic surgeon; that’s why an expert eye for detail on the human body is important in this situation.
  5. Dedication: Board certification is entirely voluntary, meaning that any physician can perform cosmetic procedures. If you choose a plastic surgeon in New York City that is board-certified, that also demonstrates their dedication to giving their patients the highest quality of surgical care. It takes time and commitment to maintain board certification. Dr. Preminger underwent this process to show her patients that she is committed to giving them the best results.

The American Board of Plastic Surgery is recognized and overseen by the American Board of Medical Specialties. It is the only surgical board that oversees the full spectrum of plastic surgeries. It has the highest standards and stands alone away from other “boards” for plastic surgeons. We think you’ll find that Dr. B. Aviva Preminger of Preminger Plastic Surgery is the right choice for you. Call (212) 706-1900 today to schedule a consultation. Dr. Preminger serves the areas of the Upper East Side of Manhattan and New York City.

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