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In the offbeat 1985 Disney movie “Return To Oz”, Princess Mombi had a chilling glass case full of different faces she could put on as she pleased. Some days, don’t we all wish we could choose a different face?

Now, with the potential of plastic surgery, you can look as beautiful on the outside as you feel on the inside. But how can you be sure the suggested changes will look as you imagine in your mind’s eye?

Now with Crisalix 3D Imaging, Dr. B. Aviva Preminger of NYC can offer her patients a realistic rendering of the possibilities to aid in surgery planning.

What is Crisalix?

Crisalix is web-based, “next generation” simulation technology that converts 2D photos into accurate 3D representations on par with motion pictures and video games. The advanced layers of depth and detail enables “patients to clearly express their desires and expectations and communicate more efficiently with the physician,” say the Swiss manufacturers. Crisalix also offers the first 3D Virtual Wardrobe, which allows breast augmentation patients the ability to see themselves in everything from bikinis to evening gowns.

3D imaging benefits for patients

In addition to breast augmentation, reduction or lift patients, Crisalix can be used in planning:

Crisalix 3D technology

“I have been working with Crisalix for [a few months now],says Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. B. Aviva Preminger. “I have to say, it really lives up to the hype! It’s really magical to see patients’ faces light up when they see what is possible – and it’s a very fun part of the consultation,” she adds.

Before and after photos have been the traditional way of showing patients what sort of results they might expect, but they are limited. “You have to really sort through your portfolio to find patients with similar body types and desires, which can be challenging,” says Dr. Preminger. Even when an ideal match is found, there still may be gaps in a patient’s imagination. The 3D images leave no uncertainty on what the end result will be.

Prospective patients who are interested in a consultation with Dr. Preminger, an Ivy League educated, board-certified, female plastic surgeon, are invited to call 212-706-1900.

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