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Giving birth is a life-changing experience for a woman and in many cases it also results in some physical changes that may not be desired. Through cosmetic surgery performed by an experienced and highly trained plastic surgeon in Manhattan like Dr. B. Aviva Preminger, mothers can restore their bodies and regain their self-confidence by having a mommy makeover.

What is a mommy makeover?

A mommy makeover refers to a combination of different cosmetic surgery procedures that helps a woman return to her pre-pregnancy shape. No two women are alike, and each mommy makeover is tailored to the needs and issues of each individual. That being said, the breasts and midsection are two of the most common target areas in a mommy makeover.

Two specific changes related to the tummy are stretch marks, which form when the skin does not shrink back to its previous state prior to pregnancy, loose skin, excess abdominal fat, and rectus diastasis, which occurs when the abdominal muscle remains separated due to the stretching that occurs during pregnancy. For these reasons, a tummy tuck may be included a mommy makeover. Clinically known as an abdominoplasty, a tummy tuck tightens sagging skin and muscle in the midsection, while removing excess skin and fat.

New mothers also may experience sagging breasts, a loss of volume, or even see their breasts become smaller than they were prior to pregnancy. A breast augmentation or a breast lift also can be performed as part of a mommy makeover. Depending on the aesthetic goals of the patient, these procedures actually may be paired as part of the process, to suit your specific needs.

Other procedures that may be performed as part of a mommy makeover include:

  • Liposuction, which entails removing stubborn deposits of fat from areas such as the waist, thighs, buttocks, or love handles.
  • Labiaplasty, which repairs or restores the external folds of skin surrounding the vulva.
  • Vaginal rejuvenation, a non-surgical procedure that restores lost vaginal tightness and curtails involuntary urinary stress incontinence, two fairly common physical consequences of pregnancy.

Mommy Makeover in Manhattan

Motherhood is demanding—physically, mentally, and emotionally. Young mothers are choosing to treat themselves to mommy makeovers in increasing numbers, looking to reclaim or even improve upon their pre-pregnancy figures. Recent data gathered by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons shows that the number of tummy tucks performed increased by 85 percent between 2000 and 2010, with a 70 percent increase in breast lifts, and a 39 percent uptick in breast augmentations.

Dr. B. Aviva Preminger is not just a world-class cosmetic surgeon with comprehensive training at some of the finest institutions in her field. She also is a mother of three, making her acutely aware of the physical demands of pregnancy. She can combine multiple procedures as part of a mommy makeover, minimizing downtime and making for a shorter recovery time—approximately 12 weeks, on average—than there would be to have each procedure scheduled individually and separately. To schedule your mommy makeover, the first step is to call the office of Preminger Plastic Surgery today at (866) 201-9828 to schedule a private consultation.

Located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Preminger Plastic Surgery is proud to offer world-class services in plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery to patients throughout New York City.

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