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Imagine looking years younger without going under the knife. Women have been tapping into the ‘fountain of youth’ for years, and now legions of men are joining the ranks of Botox aficionados. For many guys who are getting Botox (playfully dubbed ‘Brotox’) to regain a healthy, youthful appearance, maintaining an edge in an increasingly competitive workplace is the motivating factor.

In 2014, more than 400,000 U.S. men had Brotox injections, a staggering 337 percent increase over the past decade. But according to a recent op-ed piece in Forbes, what makes this male cosmetic surgery trend so interesting isn’t the numbers — it’s the “shame that’s still associated with it.” American men have grown up with tough guy personas like the Marlboro Man, who wear their leathery skin with pride, says Peter Taylor, who suggests that the advertising industry is at least partly to blame.

Impact of advertising on male perceptions

Unlike women, who go to great lengths and expense to combat signs of aging, men “have long worn their wrinkles and sun damage as a public badge of endurance, hard work, experience, and sacrifice,” writes Taylor. Besides the Marlboro Man, think back to the Superbowl ads for Dodge trucks in which a “Ram-tough” dude is effortlessly tossing bales of hay into the bed of his pickup. The swarthy character sports the rugged skin of a man who works hard and is out doors most of the time. His forehead isn’t tight and smooth, but is furrowed with creases. For years, men have been ingrained in the concept that it’s better to remain au natural.

Taylor, who argues that most guys are just as vain as their female counterparts, decided to take the plunge and have his Florida sun-induced worry lines injected with Botox at the ripe age of 44. After having the treatment, his friends remarked how young he looked for his age. He also enjoyed a huge confidence boost thanks to his youthful appearance. According to Taylor’s plastic surgeon, “a new generation of men is finally accepting that caring about how you look as you get older doesn’t make you a “fussy”.

Tommy Cosgrove, a regular Botox user, is one such example of this new generation. In a news interview with WIAT in Alabama, Cosgrove says that he prefers the injectable because it’s non-surgical and minimally invasive. “When I turned 40 that’s kind of what kicked all of this off, you can’t really outrun the date on your driver’s license. The person looking back in the mirror is not the person you feel like.”

Brotox facial rejuvenation

One of the biggest draws of non-invasive facial rejuvenation with Botox is that there is no real downtime or recovery period. The treatment takes less than 30 minutes, and the effects are noticeable within 48 hours. Both Botox and Dysport temporarily paralyze muscles that contract to form wrinkles and creases, giving patients smooth, taught skin which can last anywhere from 3 to 6 months.

Also in demand are laser skin treatments that tighten the skin and soft tissue fillers like Restylane that restore volume to areas that have lost elasticity through aging.

Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. B. Aviva Preminger offers a wide range of procedures for male patients looking for a subtle cosmetic tune-up. You can schedule a private consultation by calling (212) 706-1900.

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