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So you have decided to have a nose job done. Also known as a rhinoplasty, this operation is one of the most popular procedures in plastic surgery. It can improve the way your nose looks and functions. However, a nose job is a major surgery and, like any major surgery, you can expect to need to take the proper amount of time to recover.

Preminger Plastic Surgery is here to help. If you have a nose job scheduled, follow the tips in this rhinoplasty recovery guide to make your post-op routine as stress-free as possible.

Before surgery

  • Be proactive – Take some extra time now to remove things from your to-do list following the operation. Go ahead and give your house a thorough cleaning so you can rest without worrying about chores. Do any shopping you need to do, and prepare some meals you can put in the freezer and quickly prepare. Also, try to pay any upcoming bills in advance and, if possible, find a friend or family member who can come to help you for the first couple of weeks after the surgery.
  • Mind your medicine – Avoid any medication or supplement that can increase bleeding for at least two weeks before and two weeks after the operation. This includes aspirin, Motrin (Ibuprofen), vitamin E, gingko, garlic, feverfew, and ginseng. Meanwhile, fill any prescriptions you might need ahead of time, while also obtaining any supplies you may need to help recover from rhinoplasty. Your plastic surgeon should be able to provide a full list.
  • Smoke out – Smoking can be one of the most harmful things you can do to impede the healing process following surgery. If you smoke, try to stop at least two weeks before a surgery and two weeks after.
  • Watch your diet – A healthy diet will improve your ability to heal following any major surgery. Lower your intake of caffeine and processed foods, and try to eliminate alcohol. Exercise regularly, make sure you get enough sleep and increase the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.

After surgery

  • Rest – Every person heals differently but in general, any patient who undergoes a rhinoplasty surgery is recommended to rest and avoid strenuous activity for one to two weeks. Anything that elevates your heart rate and/or blood pressure may cause delayed bleeding to occur, which could require a follow-up surgery to drain the area, prolong your recovery.
  • Communicate – If you sense or notice anything unusual at any point during your recovery be sure to contact your plastic surgeon as soon as possible. Even what may seem to be a minor concern could be the precursor to a more serious problem.

Remember, complete recovery from a nose job often takes up to two weeks, but you may not see full results of the procedure for up to a year. In fact, 15 percent of rhinoplasty patients undergo a revision surgery at some point in the future. However, any follow-up procedure is not recommended until your nose heals completely.

A nose job is one of the most tried and true procedures in cosmetic surgery, but should only be performed by a board-certified surgeon with significant experience and expertise. Preminger Plastic Surgery has the combination of skills and knowledge you need to perform a successful rhinoplasty. To learn more about how we can perform the procedure, contact our office today by calling (212) 706-1900 to schedule an initial consultation.

Located on the upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City, Preminger Plastic Surgery is proud to offer world-class services in plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery.

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