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An inevitable fact of life is the aging process for both men and women. Some individuals age more gracefully than others, but overall, the plastic surgery industry has increased in popularity to assist with reducing the appearance of tired and aged skin. Even if you practice diligent skincare regimens, it can be challenging to battle the natural elements such as gravity, sun damage, and other harsh environmental factors. Cosmetic procedures could help restore your youthful appearance through surgical or non-surgical methods. To find out if you are a qualified candidate for cosmetic correction, your NYC board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Aviva Preminger at Preminger Plastic Surgery, is sharing options for facial rejuvenation in Manhattan.

Sunken Cheeks

The most noticeable aspects of aging are fine lines, wrinkles, and loose skin. However, the loss of volume in your cheek area could alter the shape of your face. As you age, the fat deposits on your cheeks begin to disappear, resulting in sagging skin. If you are looking for a more non-invasive procedure to help correct the sagging and restore a more youthful appearance, dermal fillers could be the answer for you. Dermal fillers with a thicker consistency such as JUVEDERM® or Belotero®, restore lost volume to your cheeks.

A more invasive procedure to revitalize your sunken cheeks is through a facelift. The facelift procedure uses the underlying tissues of the midface to restore plumpness for a more youthful elevation resulting in a rounded facial contour. To inquire if an invasive or non-invasive procedure is best, schedule a consultation with a top-rated celebrity plastic surgeon on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Dr. Aviva Preminger.


As the fat from the cheek area seems to disappear, unfortunately, it moves to the jawline. Jowls are produced when the skin and tissues from the upper portions of your face move downward. Just as the loss in volume affects the look of your cheeks, the added skin and tissue alters the shape of your jawline. Typically, a facelift could restore your sculpted jawline by lifting the skin and tissues. In addition to the facelift procedure, KYBELLA® could be injected to aid in ridding the excess fat beneath the chin. If you suffer from a double chin, consider a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon in NYC, Dr. Preminger.

Aged Eyes

The skin around your eyes is thin, fragile, and is one of the first facial areas that shows the signs of aging. Since your eyes are constantly moving throughout the day, they are subject to more muscle contractions. The surgical treatment of blepharoplasty treats the aging that occurs around the eyelids by trimming the excess skin and repositioning the fat from both the upper and lower eyelids to yield a result of brighter and wider eyes. Your eye lift surgeon on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Dr. Preminger, is trained for upper blepharoplasty to reduce upper eyelid hooding and in lower blepharoplasty to remove the bags under your eyes.

Reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles does not always require surgery. Through non-invasive injectable treatments such as BOTOX®, you can experience a temporary reduction of the appearance of crow’s feet, frown lines, and forehead lines.

Nasolabial Folds

As another result of volume loss due to aging, nasolabial folds appear from the nose to the corners of your mouth. While nasolabial folds could be reduced during a traditional facelift, they could also be addressed with JUVEDERM® or another dermal filler.

Thinning Lips

An additional sign of aging is thinning lips resulting in an altered facial appearance. To help restore plump full lips, dermal fillers could help redefine the outline of your lips while adding volume. Another option for plumping lips is through autologous fat transfer, also known as microlipinjection. This in-office procedure is quick as it takes only about 30 minutes, and results lasts as long as six months.

Facial Rejuvenation in the Upper East Side of Manhattan and New York

Preminger Plastic Surgery offers treatments available for men and women to help assist in reducing the appearance of aging. In addition to a quality daily skincare regimen, Dr. Preminger can help you turn back the clock and reduce the signs of aging. Whether you are searching for a non-surgical way to get rid of facial wrinkles, or are interested in surgical options, such as a facelift, Preminger Plastic Surgery can help. Feel free to contact the office by calling (212) 706-1900 or request a consultation online to get started on your journey to a younger-looking you.

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