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Determining which plastic surgeon is right for you could come down to reviewing their portfolio of before and after photos. No matter which area of your body you are looking to alter, you want to make sure the surgeon conducted the surgery previously and had good results. It is essential to know how to determine the surgeon’s expertise and skill when looking at their portfolios. Therefore, a celebrity plastic surgeon on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Dr. Aviva Preminger, is sharing how to “read” before and after photos of plastic surgery.

Similar Patients

Studying photos of people who look nothing like you could make it difficult to picture yourself with the same results. When looking through before and after photos, concentrate on ones that look more like you, such as gender, weight, age, or ethnicity. Finding others like you with the results you want may help give you a better idea of what to expect for you.

The Pose and Lighting

Skilled cosmetic surgeons like our leading plastic surgeon in New York City, Dr. Aviva Preminger, take pictures where the before and after photos show patients in the same pose and with the same lighting conditions. Variances in pose or lighting could look like something is trying to be hidden, so it is crucial to ensure the before and after photos are the same.


Whether body, breast, or facial features, look for symmetrical results. Every human has some form of asymmetry, making perfection almost impossible. However, the plastic surgeon should be able to even significant issues and imbalances.

Placement of Scars

Experienced cosmetic surgeons try to hide the appearance of scars as much as possible. If the scars in the photos are too noticeable and do not fall within the natural skin folds or bra or panty lines, ask about the incision points for the patients. Dr. Aviva Preminger seeks to minimize the appearance of scars to give you a natural look. Keep in mind, though, that there is no such thing as a scar-less surgery. But, there are techniques that a skilled plastic surgeon uses to make scars less noticeable.

Expression and Makeup

Although it may seem minimal, the expression of a patient or the use of makeup from one photo to another could alter the picture’s believability and downplay the surgeon’s skills and training. Therefore, pay close attention to the differences such as facial expressions or makeup as they may try to hide undesired outcomes.

Evaluate the Surgeon’s Artistry

Plastic surgery is an art form. Look at the range of possibilities available for your procedure when reviewing before and after photos. Also, pay close attention to the natural look of the results and see if you agree with the surgeon’s concept of beauty. If you feel you are not satisfied with the before and after photos, continue to search for the right plastic surgeon for your needs.

Plastic Surgery on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and New York City, NY

Finding a cosmetic surgeon can be an overwhelming task. Merely looking at before and after photos may not provide a complete overview of the surgeon’s expertise or your comfort level. Therefore, through consultation, you will have the ability to ask questions and see more before and after photos to ensure you make a confident decision when choosing the best plastic surgeon for you. Dr. Aviva Preminger provides quality results for patients and freely shares before and after photos for your review. For a consultation, feel free to call our office at (212) 706-1900 or request a consultation online today.

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