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Almost everyone has it – fat. Although many people deal with unwanted fat pockets that are resistant to diet and exercise. Liposuction has long since been proven as an effective surgical solution to eliminating stubborn fat. But surgery isn’t always an option in each case. Whether you’re dealing with a belly bulge after pregnancy, or want a slimmer backside, find out how Manhattan plastic surgeon, Dr. B. Aviva Preminger, offers fat removal that doesn’t require surgery.


CoolSculpting is a form of cryolipolysis that experts define as an innovative yet effective treatment at eliminating fat by freezing fat cells in targeted areas of the body. Studies show that patients prefer CoolSculpting because it is generally safe and does not require a recovery period.

How it Works

During a procedure that lasts about an hour, CoolSculpting literally freezes fat cells by slightly vacuuming the skin above the fatty layer of tissue via a specially designed applicator. While low-temperature anesthesia is first applied to the treatment area, you still may feel cold sensations while receiving CoolSculpting. Results are apparent within about four to six months as your body naturally disposes of the dead fat cells.

What to Consider

CoolSculpting has an excellent track record and high success rate when paired with your NYC plastic surgeon’s recommendations for continuing with a healthy lifestyle. While the dead fat cells will not reappear, new fat cells could develop should you make poor dietary choices and fail to exercise regularly.

What to Expect

Cryolipolysis does not tighten loose or flabby skin and may even cause an excess of loose skin after the fat cells dimmish. However, if this is a concern for you, discuss it with your plastic surgeon for additional treatments to correct this issue. Immediately after treatment, you may experience tingling, redness, or numbness at the treated areas. Patients often report about a 25% reduction in fat with each CoolSculpting treatment. Although you should start seeing a difference within two to three months of treatment. Most patients achieve their desired look after only one to two CoolSculpting sessions.

Ready for CoolSculpting?

A few things to consider if you’re thinking about getting CoolSculpting include:

  • Be within 15-20 pounds of your goal weight
  • Commit to eating healthy
  • Commit to exercising regularly
  • Have realistic expectations about your results

CoolSculpting is not meant as a means for dramatic weight loss. It is ideal for patients who are close to their ideal goal weight or that struggle to eliminate pockets of fat on their stomachs, thighs, saddlebags, buttocks, or upper back (known as bra bulge). In some cases, CoolSculpting may be paired with other cosmetic procedures to help the patient achieve their best look.

CoolSculpting in Manhattan and NYC

If you’re interested in learning more about CoolSculpting or want to schedule a consultation to see if you’re a candidate for non-surgical fat removal, contact Preminger Plastic Surgery by calling (212) 706-1900. Dr. Preminger’s boutique practice is located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

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