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The negative connotations associated with people who undergo plastic surgery are virtually a thing of the past. And, contrary to what most might believe, cosmetic surgery is not just a hobby for the self-centered, superficial or celebrity-obsessed. Increasing numbers of working moms are having tummy tucks to address the ravages of multiple pregnancies, bullied teens are getting nose jobs to help boost self-esteem, and guys are getting male breast reduction to treat socially embarrassing symptoms of gynecomastia.

And they’re not ashamed to talk about it with friends or boast about the life-changing results.

On top of this, a new wave of young stars is talking openly about their plastic surgery. They chat about lip injections on Facebook, upload post-op pics on Instagram, and give unabashed details about their breast implants and periodic Botox injections. Some of these less-invasive procedures can be done over a lunch break, yet still offer transformative results.

As we approach 2016, experts say the stigma of cosmetic surgery is vanishing, leaving some to wonder if this is actually a positive development.

Excessive plastic surgery at a young age may prove risky, but in the right candidates it can help encourage a healthy self-image and lead to increased confidence, giving patients a newfound sense of happiness and wellbeing.

Stigma of plastic surgery disappearing

Getting rid of extra skin after major weight loss or pinning back prominent ears often makes a world of difference to one’s self-image, allowing patients to embrace life with self-assurance and poise.

However, some plastic surgeons, including Michigan-based Dr. Anthony Youn, are noticing a younger clientele wanting work done.

“It’s a very troublesome phenomenon as a physician, because I question whether people under 18 truly understand the ramifications. Even under 22 I am cautious. Can they deal with the changes and the risks?” says Youn.

Besides the physical risks of plastic surgery gone wrong, Youn points to the emotional maturity that may be lacking in younger patients. The end result of plastic surgery isn’t always better, but just different and some people aren’t psychologically prepared to handle those types of changes.

Younger patients more candid about cosmetic surgery

Celebrity Kylie Jenner, at the tender age of 18, has made lip augmentation with injectable fillers seem like a walk in the park when in fact, just like any medical procedure, it carries serious risks such as infection and necrosis. But do high school and college-aged girls think about risks, or simply follow the latest plastic surgery trends in an effort to fit in?

The popularity and acceptance of plastic surgery today has sparked some uncomfortable questions about our society’s unrealistic beauty expectations. It seems we are under intense pressure to look picture-perfect at every moment thanks to social media.

But interviews with patients who have gone under the knife always come back to the issue of confidence as a compelling factor for getting surgery. Yahoo Travel editor Jo Piazza says she was always horribly self-conscious about her crooked nose when doing TV book promotions. A rhinoplasty three years ago was a real game changer, instilling a whole new level of confidence in Piazza, and many others like her who opted to take the plunge.

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