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Some women are genetically predisposed to store extra fat in the outer thigh area. Commonly known as “saddlebags,” these bulges can actually make the top of the thighs look wider than the hips, giving a distinctive pear-shaped figure. If you have prominent saddlebags and are wondering about one of the best options for reducing these stubborn fat deposits, there are two minimally-invasive procedures that deliver impressive results without a lot of downtime.

As many patients already know, saddlebags are practically impossible to eliminate through diet and exercise alone. Even targeted strength training and intense cardio workouts have remarkably little effect on these fat pads, which generally become more noticeable with age, especially as the metabolism begins to slow down. Hormones and genetics dictate how body fat is burned, and saddlebags are typically the hardest places to slim down without the aid of a plastic surgeon.

Liposuction on saddlebags

Liposuction is a time-honored method for reducing the appearance of saddlebags. Patients who are not overweight and have good skin elasticity may benefit from this popular body contouring procedure that requires no general anesthetic. Depending on the volume of fat to be removed, your surgeon may recommend laser liposuction, radio-frequency-assisted lipo or ultrasound-assisted liposuction. All three lipo techniques melt the adipose cells along the outer thighs before they are gently suctioned out through tiny cannula. Liposuction is an outpatient procedure that uses local anesthetic and most people are back to their normal routines within 10 to 14 days.

Some studies have suggested that laser lipo has additional skin-tightening effects, which may improve the overall outcome. Common side effects of liposuction include temporary swelling, bruising and tenderness, which are a small price to pay for slimmer, smoother outer thighs that look fab in your skinny jeans!

CoolSculpting for outer thigh fat

CoolSculpting is another highly effective non-surgical method for getting rid of outer thigh fat. During this painless procedure, a hand-held cryolipolysis device is placed over the problem spots where it literally freezes away the fat cells permanently. Sessions may last anywhere from 1-2 hours per thigh. There are no needles, no anesthesia and no downtime. In one medical study, published in the June 2017 issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, surgeons found that CoolSculpting reduced saddlebags in 48 treated cases. Just six months after treatment, thigh circumferences reduced by two inches and subcutaneous fat levels had dropped by more than 38 percent.

CoolSculpting offers significant improvements for contouring the outer thighs, but keep in mind that results are not instantaneous, as the body needs a few weeks to eliminate the fat cells. Redness, warmth at the site and minor bruising are temporary side effects that resolve after a few days.

Non-surgical body contouring in New York

It’s completely natural to be bothered by a less-than-perfect figure, especially when you eat mindfully and stay active. Saddlebags are largely hereditary and resistant to dieting and exercise. To learn more about getting CoolSculpting in NYC or other treatments such as liposuction to banish those saddlebags for good, we invite you to schedule a private consultation with Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. B. Aviva Preminger.

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