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Deciding to pursue plastic surgery is a significant decision. Even more important is choosing the right plastic surgeon. Successful procedures can restore your confidence and self-esteem for years. Adversely, unsuccessful procedures by unqualified or inexperienced hands can leave you dissatisfied with the outcome or affect your health and safety. Therefore, finding a highly-sought plastic surgeon in New York City with years of experience and training is crucial to your treatment success. On the blog today, Dr. Aviva Preminger of Preminger Plastic Surgery shares seven tips for choosing the best plastic surgeon so that you can select your surgeon wisely and avoid undesired results.

Choose a board-certified plastic surgeon for aesthetic procedures

A surgeon in any given field could legally conduct rhinoplasty. However, the physician may not render the best result without proper training about facial muscles or other surgical techniques. Cosmetic surgeons undergo two additional educational years for plastic surgery training in addition to the traditional three to five year required surgical training. Therefore, choose a board-certified plastic surgeon in the Upper East Side of Manhattan at Preminger Plastic Surgery for quality results you are sure to enjoy.

Always confirm the surgeon’s experience and education

Subspecialties in the surgical field are a way for plastic surgeons to hone their skills. Feel free to ask your surgeon about their experience and education. A few questions you can ask are as follows:

  • How long have you been conducting this procedure?
  • With how many patients have you completed this procedure?
  • Where did you receive your training for this procedure?

Seek a plastic surgeon who shares your aesthetic philosophy

Welcome plastic surgeon recommendations from family and friends as you begin your search. However, remember that not all word-of-mouth recommendations will suit your personality, how you see your beauty or help you achieve your overall desired look. An easy method to review the physician’s work is through before and after photos of previous patients. Look for images and results that naturally appeal to you.

Closely observe staff and surgeon interactions with you

Confidence in your surgeon and their support staff can make your experience less stressful. From the consultation through post-treatment, experienced New York City plastic surgeons should be willing to listen and respond to you with professionalism, courtesy, and care. If you visit an office where you are uncomfortable, the staff is rude or unqualified, or the surgeon only wants their way, you may want to seek another surgeon’s office for your procedure.

Inquire about the operating facilities

The operating facilities and the anesthetists link directly with your safety. Accredited, certified, or licensed facilities have specific requirements to follow, and they must include life support systems in the event something goes wrong. In addition, some facilities have either a registered nurse or board-certified anesthesiologist to administer your medicine.

Ensure you receive a thorough surgical consultation

Speaking with a leading Upper East Side of Manhattan plastic surgeon during your initial consultation is the first important step in your surgical journey. During your appointment, it’s crucial to be open and honest while capitalizing on the opportunity to have your procedural questions answered. In addition, you should leave the office knowing what to expect before, during, and after your procedure. Dr. Preminger encourages patients to write down questions and concerns before the appointment to help clarify the process.

Customer service can influence your experience

The surgeon is not the only factor to consider when choosing a plastic surgery practice in New York City. Caring office staff can make a difference in your overall experience. The office team should foster a supportive environment, from thoroughly preparing you with procedural information and surgery realities to promptly responding to your inquiries. 

Plastic Surgeon in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and New York City, NY

The overwhelming excitement of plastic surgery primarily emerges from the anticipation of the results. However, choose the best plastic surgeon by following our seven tips. You should have excellent results throughout your journey. Schedule a consultation with a leading cosmetic surgeon on the Upper East Side of Manhattan by calling Preminger Plastic Surgery at (212) 706-1900. You may also request a consultation online.

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