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The process of pregnancy and childbirth cause significant changes to a woman’s body. The abdominal area is most affected because of stretching to accommodate your growing little one. Once you welcome your new bundle of joy into the world, you may notice skin sagging or a stomach “pooch” around your abdomen area that can be difficult to remove through regular diet and exercise. Our board-certified plastic surgeon in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Dr. Aviva Preminger of Preminger Plastic Surgery, shares three reasons moms get tummy tucks after pregnancy. Dr. Preminger also explains how a tummy tuck can help you return your body to its pre-pregnancy physique.

Excess Skin Removal

During pregnancy, your stomach can experience drastic fluctuations in its size. The weight fluctuation and stretching cause the skin around your abdomen to look wrinkled and loose. Although most women try to get their body back after pregnancy by following a strict diet and exercise regimen, reversing the changes could prove more challenging. New York City celebrity plastic surgeon, Dr. Preminger, advises that a tummy tuck could be a perfect solution to return to a pre-pregnancy figure since it removes the excess fat and skin in the abdominal region. Tightening the skin and addressing the underlying muscles create a more toned, flatter tummy.

Eliminate the Pooch

Shapewear is a post-pregnancy mom’s favorite for hiding a sagging tummy. However, even the best shapewear may not help completely flatten your stretched skin. The pooch is the result of fat-filled isolated pockets that are near your middle-lower abdomen. Your experienced Upper East Side of Manhattan plastic surgeon removes and depletes fat cells located in your abdomen area using liposuction. Once completed, the muscles are tightened under the skin to create a dynamic duo effect to produce a flat tummy.

Conceal C-section Scars

Attaining a flat tummy can be more challenging after a c-section without the assistance of a physician. Since the doctor cuts through skin, fat, and muscle to acquire your baby, C-sections, whether planned or emergency-related, result in an unsightly scar, loose skin, and possible weakening of your abdominal area. The qualified plastic surgeon in New York City near you, Dr. Aviva Preminger, recommends a tummy tuck to mothers who have c-sections. With skilled artistry and precision, Dr. Preminger will tighten your abdominal muscles, remove excess skin, and create a new, cleaner scar.

Future Pregnancies

Before making your final decision to have a tummy tuck, it is essential to consider the possibility of more children in the future. Your leading plastic surgeon in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Dr. Preminger, warns that a pregnancy that follows a tummy tuck will almost always alter the results by weakening the abdominal muscles and stretching your skin again. Therefore, it is in your best interest to discuss with your significant other possible plans for children in the future before getting a tummy tuck.

Tummy Tucks in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and New York City, NY

A flat tummy after pregnancy is no longer a distant dream for many moms. A tummy tuck returns your body to your pre-pregnancy figure without starving or overdoing it at the gym. If you have questions about tummy tucks or would like to request a consultation, feel free to contact Preminger Plastic Surgery. Call our office at (212) 706-1900 or request a consultation online today!

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