Quick Tips for Getting Fit with Bigger Breasts

quick tips for getting fit with bigger breasts

quick tips for getting fit with bigger breastsIf you’re like many women who have breast augmentation surgery, you decided to have the procedure to improve your self-confidence, correct breast asymmetry, or be able to wear more flattering clothes. And now that you’ve had the surgery, you can’t wait to hit the gym to show off your figure. But resuming your normal workout routine will have to wait until you’re fully recovered. Talk to your plastic surgeon about your recovery timeline.

“Most of my patients are able to get back to work in four to seven days, and enjoy light fitness activities in two weeks,” says Dr. Preminger, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Manhattan. “However, I ask that my patients avoid strenuous physical activity for at least six weeks. It might take eight to 12 weeks before the swelling completely subsides.”

Staying active during your breast implant recovery

During the first 48 hours, you’ll need to get plenty of rest. Since you’ll be lying in bed more than usual, it’s important to periodically contract your calves and flex your feet. This helps keep blood flowing back to your heart and prevents blood clots.

At the two-week point, you can stay active by taking slow strolls around the block. When you are healed enough to get back to the gym, limit the types of workouts you do. Until your surgeon clears you to do heavy lifting, avoid weightlifting exercises that work the chest and back. You’ll need to avoid excessive use of your pectoral muscles until you are fully healed. Instead, focus on lower body exercises like cycling and walking.

Adjusting to fitness activities with bigger breasts

One of the reasons why some naturally well-endowed women choose to have breast reduction surgery is that they have trouble exercising comfortably. This is certainly a challenge, but it’s one that can be overcome. Breast augmentation surgery is an excellent reason to splurge on some high-quality sports bras. Choose highly supportive sports bras made specifically to support women with larger cup sizes.

Before participating in high-impact cardiovascular exercises, like using a stairclimbing machine, running, or jumping rope, wear a sport top that features a shelf bra right over your sports bra. Depending on the size of the breast implants you chose, you may need the extra support.

When there are no more restrictions on the types of exercises you can do, incorporate core strengthening workouts into your routine. A stronger core will support your back, which can help prevent the poor posture that is often caused by a heavier chest. Becoming a yoga and Pilates aficionado will also help you maintain excellent posture.

Curious about having a breast augmentation in New York City?

Dr. B. Aviva Preminger is committed to thoroughly advising her patients as to their post-operative recovery instructions to ensure a comfortable recovery. If you have questions about breast augmentation surgery, please do not hesitate to call her office to request a confidential, one-on-one consult with one of New York City’s most trusted plastic surgeons.

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