Dimples: It’s Now Possible to Create Them

dimples its now possible to create them

dimples its now possible to create themYou’ve probably heard a lot about dermal fillers in recent years, which add volume to sunken cheeks, plump up the lips, and temporarily erase lines and wrinkles. But the latest beauty trend among millennials isn’t a new filler material—quite the opposite, in fact. It’s facial indentations. “Dimpleplasty” allows individuals to acquire charming dimples when they smile, even if they weren’t born with them naturally.

Getting the A-lister look

Ever notice how many A-list celebrities sport natural dimples? Miranda Kerr, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Garner, and Harry Styles have all been blessed with naturally occurring facial indentations. Even Duchess Kate has them. With dimpleplasty, you too can acquire an instantly charming smile.

So what exactly are dimples?

It comes down to genetics. Parents can pass down the trait for a cheek muscle abnormality. Specifically, people with dimples have a double zygomaticus major that attaches to the cheek with connective tissue. When the person smiles, the skin is pulled inwardly, naturally causing a dimple.

How does dimpleplasty work?

Dimpleplasty can be performed on an outpatient basis. It’s a relatively quick, minimally invasive procedure that requires a short recovery time. You might not even need general anesthesia, depending on your preferences and the plastic surgeon’s recommendations. After numbing the area thoroughly, the surgeon makes an incision from inside the mouth. A defect in the muscle is artificially created, and then the zygomaticus major muscle is attached.

Although dimpleplasty is a quick, minimally invasive procedure, this doesn’t mean patients can skimp when it comes to choosing a plastic surgeon. Unqualified, inexperienced surgeons increase the risk of serious health complications in the operating room, no matter how simple or complex the procedure is. Plus, there is a risk that the artificial dimples might look unnatural, overly pronounced, or barely noticeable if the surgeon has poor technical skills and a lack of artistic intuition.

After a dimpleplasty procedure, patients can expect semi-permanent facial indentations. These last about one to two months. During this time, the treated tissues heal and “settle.” When this happens, the patients and their admirers will only notice the dimples when they smile.

What is the recovery process like?

After getting your dimples, you can expect to return home the same day. Even if you haven’t had general anesthesia, it’s a good idea to have a responsible adult take you home and stay with you for a while. This is standard practice with these sorts of medical procedures. There will be some mild swelling, and any discomfort should be adequately controlled with medications. You may be asked to refrain from exercising for a few days, although you can generally expect to return to work the next day.

Let Dr. B. Aviva Preminger design your new look

All plastic surgeries are unique because all patients are, too. To get your ideal look, you need a plastic surgeon who will take the time to get to know you and what your expectations are. As a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York City, Dr. Preminger has earned a reputation for her dedication to artistry, and her unwavering commitment to patient care and safety. You can discuss your cosmetic concerns and goals with Dr. Preminger to learn about the options that are right for you. Call (212) 706-1900 today.

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