How to get the Best Results from your Breast Augmentation

How to get the Best Results from your Breast Augmentation
How to get the Best Results from your Breast Augmentation

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As one of the most popular plastic surgeries for women in the United States and worldwide, breast augmentation typically provides high satisfaction rates for the results. One of the most important aspects of getting the best results is effectively communicating with your surgeon about your desires for size, look, and feel of your new breasts. In turn, your surgeon is responsible for sharing the available possibilities for your body frame and which procedures will help achieve your aesthetic goals. With clear communication and understanding of your expectations, you will be pleased with your results. Dr. Aviva Preminger of Preminger Plastic Surgery, a leading plastic surgeon in New York City, shares how to get the best results from your breast augmentation so that you feel confident with your new physique.

Are saline or silicone implants best for me?

Both saline and silicone implants are a viable option for breast augmentation, and there are advantages and disadvantages to both. Approximately 60% of patients choose silicon nationwide. The main reason why saline implants are the most common choice is because of the natural look and feel even for patients who have a thin frame. However, many patients opt for saline implants because of their track record for safety. Dr. Preminger, a top-rated plastic surgeon in Manhattan, also offers Gummy Bear implants, which consist of a cohesive gel that is tear shapped, providing an even more natural look. And Ideal Implants, which offer the look and feel of silicone with the safety of saline. During your consultation, the breast augmentation plastic surgeon on the Upper East Side of Manhattan will discuss the various options for implants and which one she feels is best for your body frame and your goals.

Which size implants are best for me?

The size chosen for breast augmentation depends on several factors, and each patient is different. To determine the best option for you are your starting cup size, the size you would like to be once the procedure is complete, the natural width of your chest and breasts, and what you believe could accommodate your desired new breast size and give you the best results possible. Open communication with your professional New York City plastic surgeon is critical to obtain the results of your dreams. A standard method to help patients in their decisions is to try on a bra or t-shirt to get an idea of their silhouette.

Is a breast lift needed with breast augmentation?

A common question among augmentation patients is if a breast lift is necessary. Unfortunately, some patients who opt for augmentation get directed by their surgeon that there is no need for a breast lift as long their implants are large enough. However, according to the experienced Upper East Side of Manhattan plastic surgeons, larger sizes does not mean the lift will naturally occur. Some patients express concern about additional incisions that accompany a breast lift. Fortunately, most cases result in a more natural shape of the breast, and the additional incisions will significantly fade over time.

Breast Augmentation in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and New York City, NY

Breast augmentation is truly an exciting and personal decision and could increase your self-confidence. During your consultation, Dr. Aviva Preminger of Preminger Plastic Surgery, the breast augmentation surgeon near you, will discuss your options with you and provide before and after photos of women with similar body types and goals. To make sure you have the answers to your questions and know what to expect, Dr. Preminger encourages patients to schedule a consultation by calling (212) 706-1900 or contact us online today.