Is an Areola Reduction Right for Me

is an areola reduction right for me

is an areola reduction right for me

Disproportionate or overly large areolae can cause your breast to appear uneven, not to mention it may bring on feelings that make you feel self-conscious. Thankfully, areola reduction in Manhattan may be an option for you to help you feel more confident and give your body the appearance of even breasts. Let’s take a look at what the areolae are, and how plastic surgery may help you feel more confident. Should you decide areola reduction in NYC is right for you, Dr. B. Aviva Preminger is one of NYC’s top female plastic surgeons.

What are the areolae?

The breasts have nipples surrounded by a darker area, known as the areolae, which are the primary physical features of the breasts. The size and shape of the areolae contribute to the attractiveness of your breasts, which explains why overly large areolae may cause you embarrassment.

What causes large areolae?

Large areolae may be caused by genetics, breastfeeding, age, or even trauma. Also, there are different reasons why someone may desire an areola reduction including reducing the size of long nipples, correcting droopy nipples, or enlarged or puffy areola. Thankfully, if you experience one of these instances, you can rest at ease knowing that plastic surgery can correct any of these aesthetic issues.

What to expect with areola reduction surgery

Should you and Dr. Preminger decide that areola reduction is the best nipple surgery for you, scheduling your surgery will be next.

The first step before surgery is to apply a local anesthetic to numb the area being treated, which means you will remain awake during your procedure. We recommend having someone drive you to and from your appointment, and to sit with you for the first day, even though you will not have to deal with the effects of general anesthesia.

A discreet incision is made to reduce the chance of scarring, and excess tissue is removed. Then, the incisions are closed with sutures. The procedure may take only an hour or so.

Afterward, you may be restricted from your usual activities for a couple of days. Also, you are likely to experience mild swelling, bruising, or even numbness that may last a few weeks. After a couple of months, you should see the final results. You should plan on avoiding strenuous activities such as heavy lifting or working out for a few weeks, although you should be able to return to work within a couple of days. We will provide you with a surgical bra to wear for a few weeks, which will be more comfortable than your typical bras.

Areola Reduction in Manhattan

If you would like more information about areola reduction, nipple surgery, or correcting breast asymmetry, please contact Preminger Plastic Surgery by calling (866) 201-9828 to schedule a consultation. Located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City, Preminger Plastic Surgery is a boutique practice dedicated to serving all of your aesthetic plastic surgery needs. Dr. B. Aviva Preminger’s goal with all of her patients is to provide you with a truly individualized treatment plan that reflects your personal cosmetic surgery goals.