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sagging neck

sagging neckWhen thinking about signs of aging, what comes to mind first? Many people will point out wrinkles, or skin laxity in problems areas such as the eyes and mouth. While these areas are certainly a top concern for many aging individuals, most tend to overlook the neck area. A sagging neck can affect your self-confidence just as much as those wrinkles do. Fortunately, a surgical procedure known as a necklift can reverse the signs of aging and restore your confidence.

Your neck and aging

Time definitely takes a toll on delicate skin such as the neck, even more so than the face. A sagging neck or double chin can be due to weight fluctuations, posture, and of course, aging. Over time our skin naturally loses collagen, which results in loose, sagging skin and wrinkles. For some, they may develop horizontal bands of loose skin around their neck that no healthy lifestyle or magic potions or creams can reverse. Eventually, this loose skin can turn into what is referred to as “turkey neck.”

How a necklift can turn back time

A necklift can address all of these cosmetic concerns. Excess skin is removed, bands are smoothed, and a double chin becomes single again as the excess tissue is removed. This simple outpatient procedure can transform your appearance and turn back time! In some cases, other procedures such as liposuction may need to be used to assist in removing pockets of fat that accumulate around the neck area. If this is the case for you, your Manhattan plastic surgeon, Dr. B. Aviva Preminger, M.D., will discuss this with you during your consultation.

Necklift with other procedures

Speaking of combining procedures, you can achieve even greater results when Dr. Preminger combines a necklift with other procedures. Depending on your specific case, sometimes fillers or other injectables combined with a necklift can yield outstanding results. In cases of more advanced aging, it is often ideal to combine a necklift and a facelift to provide the most youthful appearance to the mid and lower face. Other combined procedures may include a chin augmentation, an eyelift, or skin resurfacing procedures to smooth unwanted wrinkles of the face.

Necklift – the procedure

Knowing what to expect from your procedure will vary, depending on exactly which treatments are performed. In regard to a necklift, it is usually performed on an outpatient basis, using either general or local anesthetic. You should expect some level of bruising and swelling following your necklift, although these side effects should subside within 2-4 weeks. Your results should last 10 years or longer, depending on your age at the time of your surgery.

Necklift in Manhattan

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